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Atlantic Fish ‘n Fry Market

May 19, 2013

  • Atlantic Fish n' Fry Market900 28th Street SE
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49508
  • (616) 247-7777
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

Man, was I craving chicken.  I really didn’t know what kind of chicken I wanted, but I knew I wanted chicken.

I was sort of driving aimlessly down 28th Street when I remembered a small ‘you buy, we fry’ place near the intersection of 28th Street and Eastern.  I assumed they had chicken as most of the places like that do really whole wings.

Atlantic Fish ‘n Fry isn’t a whole lot.  It’s a waiting room with cases of fresh fish on ice and a small grocery section.  The deal with these kind of places is that if they are classified as a market and not a restaurant, they can accept EBT.  The grocery section only consists of condiments.  There’s a lot of hot sauce.

There wasn’t a menu posted anywhere, but I saw what appeared to be a paper menu on top of one of the counters.  I picked it up and found what I was looking for.

I ordered the 10 Piece Wing Meal which comes with fries, slaw, and bread.  The bill was just a hair over $10 and I was told it would take about 15-18 minutes.  I took a seat on one of the chairs along the wall and checked Twitter for the next 15 minutes. 

I didn’t really keep track, but I didn’t seem to sit there for too long before I was handed a bag with my meal.  I grabbed it and headed back to work to eat.

I started in on the fries right away.  They were generic restaurant fries with a pretty salty seasoning salt that was actually quite delicious.  I ate all the fries before I ever picked up a wing.

The wings were very tender and juicy.  They were a little on the small side, but they just fell apart once they hit my mouth.  The breading was golden brown crunchy and it held in the juices from the wings.

I don’t expect much from places like Atlantic Fish ‘n Fry.  All I want is a good meal and that’s what I got from Atlantic Fish ‘n Fry.

Atlantic Fish n' Fry Market

Atlantic Fish 'n Fry Market

10 Wing Dinner

Atlantic Fish 'n Fry Market on Urbanspoon

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