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Mr. Quick Restaurant – Norton Shores

May 5, 2013

  • Mr. Quick4190 Grand Haven Road #B
  • Norton Shores, MI 49441
  • (231) 798-9687
  • Website
  • Menu

I’ve spent a lot of time in Muskegon County this week.  Unfortunately, I haven’t really had time to explore many of the dining options that I would like to.  If I got a lunch break, it was most likely a gas station sandwich (which I ate three times this week).

On Friday night, I actually got a proper dinner break.  I could have went anywhere I wanted as I was by myself, but I narrowed it down to three quick service places.  A coney dog shop, a drive-in, and a burger joint.

The burger joint ended up winning out because it’s connected to a gas station.  I needed gas and a restock on my Pepsi supply for the night.  I glanced at the menu board as I was grabbing a pop and I saw everything I needed, so I paid for the pop, moved my truck away from the gas pump and went back inside to order dinner.

Mr. Quick Restaurants is a small Muskegon area chain that specializes in burgers.  There are five locations in the area.  The spot I ended up stopping at is the Mr. Quick on Grand Haven Road near the corner of Airport Road in Norton Shores.  The restaurant shares space with Jack’s Corner Store which is a BP gas station.

The space is obviously separated, but easily accessible from the corner store.  The set up is like a typical fast food joint with an order counter that opens in to the quick service kitchen.  The menu board hanging above the cash registers prominently display a group of Quick Combos.

When I walked in, I wasn’t really looking at combos because I had just bought a couple Pepsi’s in the gas station, but I noticed they had a Pepsi fountain…and really, you can never have too many Pepsi’s…right?

The combo I chose was the Bacon Double Burger w/Cheese.  I was a little surprised to get a choice when it came to the fries.  I went with the Cajun Fries which had that slightly spicy cajun season dusted on them.

The cost for the meal was a little over six bucks and it took less than five minutes for my order to be bagged up and handed to me.  I could have eaten in the small, fast food-esque dining room, but I opted to take it with me and eat in my truck at the job site.

The burger was two very thin fast food burgers separated with by cheese and topped with bacon.  It didn’t take me too long to polish off the burger leaving me wanting more.  It was good, but I was hungry.  Work has been extra taxing this week and meals have been few and far between.

The fries, served in a paper boat were also delicious, but again, I could have used a lot more.  For the price, it was actually a very good meal, but guys like me like to eat and I probably could have polished off two if not three combo meals in one sitting.

Mr. Quick Restaurant is a pretty standard fast food place with a simple, but delicious menu.  I pass these restaurants from time to time when I’m in Muskegon.  From now on, I’ll know I can stop in for a quick meal.

Mr. Quick

Mr. Quick Restaurant

Bacon Double Burger w/Cajun Fries

Mr Quick Drive In on Urbanspoon

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