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Camzies Pizza

April 28, 2013

  • Camzies Pizza3664 S. 9th Street (Flesher Field Tu-Sa 11 – 2:30)
  • 7275 Main Street (Oshtemo Township Park Tu-Sa 4-8)
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • (269) 978-8642
  • Website
  • Menu

It’s O. K. to be lazy, right?  For whatever reason, L decided to sleep in.  I mean, really sleep in.  J finally heard her moving at about 10:45.  I would love this during the week, but Saturday’s are swimming lessons day.  We didn’t make it.  By the time J got L up and would have gotten me up, we wouldn’t have been able to make the 11:30 swimming lesson on the other side of town.

J decided to just let me sleep a little longer then got me up so she could take a shower and get laundry done before I headed to work.  Part of the deal was that after laundry was started, we would take L to the park…..and get pizza.

A few weeks ago, J and her mom took L to the Oshtemo Township Park to play for a while.  As they pulled up, they noticed a Jeep pulling what appeared to be a large brick oven.  When they walked over to see what was going on, they were offered a couple slices of pizza.  Apparently, they showed up on the first day of this new mobile pizza wagon.  The weather hasn’t been very great since then so we haven’t had a chance to go back when I was around.  The thing that really sucks about that is that the Kalamazoo Gazette beat me to the story and I’ve been sitting on it for a couple weeks 😦

Since it was lunch time, we headed to Flesher Field on 9th Street across from the Post Office.  We like Flesher Field anyway because there is a play area more L’s size.  We like it even more now with pizza.

When we pulled in tot he parking lot, Camzies Pizza had the truck set up right near the entrance.  We pulled into a parking space a few spots down then headed over to check out the menu.

The pizzas come in three sizes.  There’s a personal pizza, a nine inch, and an eleven inch.  We chose the eleven inch.  All the pizzas come with two toppings, but we chose just to go with bacon. 

At this point, J took L over to the playground and I hung around to watch our pizza being made.  Everything he needs is right on the back of the cart.  It’s actually a really cool set up.  It’s not a traditional food truck, but more like a flat bead with the oven and some accessories.

The first step was to pull a ball of dough out of a Tupperware container and put it through a sheeter.  The dough looked to me like it was more of a stone ground floor or something other than all purpose flour.  I didn’t get a really good look before the dough was placed on a peel and taken to the topping station where it was covered in sauce, a chunk mozzarella, and bacon.

Once completely topped, the pizza is taken around the corner to the oven.  I encourage you to stick around and watch your pizza being made.  Ken, the owner of this delicious food operation, is a pretty talkative guy and really enjoyed explaining the process.  He gets a pretty good fire going inside the brick oven then rotates the pizza so all sides cook evenly before lifting it up to the top of the dome to get a nice charred cheese.

It only took a few minutes for the super thin crust pizza too cook up in the incredibly hot oven.  Once finished, it was cut in to eight slices then boxed up.  The cost for the 11″ pizza was nine bucks and that included plates and napkins so we could find a picnic table at the park and take a break from sliding and running in the sand.

In all honesty, I could have polished off the whole 11″ pizza on my own and boy did I want to.  I decided to be a good daddy and husband and not hog the whole.  The pizza is incredibly delicious.  The crust is nice and crispy plus is has that crispy crunch that I love with pizza crusts.  The sauce is a bit sweet yet really bold.  I didn’t mind it, but J would have liked the bacon to be more crispy.  I’m pretty sure the bacon wasn’t cooked before being put on the pizza and it didn’t have the time to crisp up while in the brick oven.  A minor setback to an incredibly delicious pizza.

Please!  Make sure Camzies doesn’t go away anytime soon.  Do your part.  Keep this man in business.  The pizza is incredible.  You would never expect such a delicious pizza from a “food truck” but that’s exactly what you’re going to get.  I foresee many, many trips to Flesher Field this summer for the sole reason of picking up lunch.  The mobile brick oven pizza is a great idea and one that is executed incredibly well!

Camzies Pizza

Camzies Pizza

11″ Bacon Pizza

Camzies Pizza

Slice of Bacon Pizza

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