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Turkey Heaven

April 6, 2013

  • Turkey Heaven615 Capital Avenue SW
  • Battle Creek, MI 49015
  • (269) 969-8995
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Every now and then, J has to do some things for work when she’s technically off the clock.  Tuesday was one of those days.  She actually took the days around her birthday off and Tuesday was still a vacation day for her, but work asked if she would do something in Battle Creek as kind of a goodwill gesture.  She had no problem with it and it’s actually something she does for the station every year.

I had to get up and watch L anyway, so I asked if we could just tag along.  I could keep L entertained while J did what she needed to do….then…..lunch.

I sort of had an ulterior motive when I asked J if we could tag along.  A few weeks ago, I was driving from downtown Battle Creek to I-94 via Capital Avenue when I drove by a little restaurant that caught my eye.

Turkey Heaven sort of snuck up on me on Capital Avenue near the intersection with Territorial Road.  It’s just about a mile or so north of the intersection with West Columbia Avenue.  The small restaurant is tucked in to a standalone building that shares a parking lot with a party store.  The building used to house a restaurant called Chicago Subs Express.  From what I gathered on my short visit, Turkey Heaven has been in the spot about a year.

As we walked in the door, we were met by a very excited woman who made a little bit of a fuss of L (and how can you not…she’s so cute 🙂 ).  The menu board is written on a large chalkboard that separates the kitchen from the dining room area.  The specialty, obviously, is turkey.  They have a wide variety of turkey BBQ including Turkey Ribs.  If that sounds interesting to you, it should, and they are.  They actually gave a little sample of the turkey ribs and they were incredibly tender and juicy.  The bones aren’t nearly as big as a pork or beef rib, but the meat is very flavorful. 

The rest of the menu includes turkey burgers, among other things.  I was really leaning towards the ribs, but I thought maybe I should ask what the Halo Sandwich was.  Glad I did.  The Halo Sandwich is basically a pulled turkey sandwich.  J and I both ordered one of those.  We also each got a side.  I ordered the Cajun fries while J stuck to the Mac & Cheese.

We contemplated eating in, but I was a little worried about L wanting to run around the restaurant, so we had them pack everything up to go.  The bill was just a little over $12 without drinks.

It took about 5-10 minutes for our meals to be handed over the counter.  I left J in the store while L and I went back to the car to watch The Wiggles on J’s iPad.  When she hopped back in the car, I could smell the BBQ goodness and was already regretting taking our meals to go.

When we got home, neither of us could wait to dig in.  We strapped L in to her high chair and cracked open the Styrofoam containers.  The Halo Sandwich was pretty awesome.  The tender, juicy turkey is covered in a sweet vinegar sauce and served on two pieces of garlic toast.  The sandwich isn’t huge, but it packs a lot of flavor.  We both loved the sandwich.  We’ve always been huge fans of pulled pork and the pulled turkey was an amazing surprise.

As for the sides, the Cajun fries were crinkle cut restaurant fries dusted with a heavy does of Cajun seasoning.  They were good, but nothing super special.  I sort of screwed up because L really wanted some of my fries, but I couldn’t give her the spicy potatoes.  I should have just went with regular fries so I could share.

As for the Mac & Cheese, J absolutely raved about it.  Again, we usually share Mac & Cheese with L, but not this one.  Not because it was spicy, but just because J wanted it all.  I had to sneak a bite when she got up to get some water.  The pasta was so cheesy and had little chunks of turkey BBQ mixed in.  J said that while the the sandwiches were worth a drive to Battle Creek, the Mac & Cheese, on it’s own, is more than enough reason to make a special trip to Turkey Heaven.

I don’t think I really need to tell you this, but we really liked Turkey Heaven.  J and I are both big BBQ fans and while I’ve done smoked turkey in the backyard, neither of us have had turkey BBQ like this.  This little gem in Battle Creek isn’t going to pop up on many Internet searches of great restaurants in Battle Creek, but if you are a BBQ fan, you really need to try this place out.

Turkey Heaven

Turkey Heaven

Turkey Heaven

Halo Sandwich w/Cajun Fries

Turkey Heaven

Golden Mac Cheese

Turkey Heaven on Urbanspoon

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