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Mr. Burger – Lake Michigan Drive

February 14, 2013

  • Mr. Burger2101 Lake Michigan Drive NW
  • Grand Rapids, MI 49504
  • (616) 453-6291
  • Website
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Two burger meals in one day?!  Oh yeah…you know that’s a good day for me.

Actually, I didn’t even plan to eat dinner at work.  It just kind of happened.  I had to meet a co-worker on Lake Michigan Drive.  I was a little early and I passed Mr. Burger and figured what the hell.

Mr. Burger is a small burger chain in the Grand Rapids area with six locations.  The one I drove by was the Lake Michigan Drive location which is just west of the intersection with Covell Avenue NW.

The chain got it’s start in the late 1960’s at this location.  It’s a former Dog ‘n Suds that was transformed into a full service restaurant.  While the namesake burgers are plentiful on the menu, they have a menu more consistent with a family restaurant.  They do breakfast in addition to the lunch menu which is mostly burgers.  The dinner menu adds on a few plate meals.

The first time I visited a Mr. Burger was store #6 in Hudsonville.  That time, I had time to sit down and eat.  This time, I did not, so I hit the drive through.

The drive-thru menu is pretty much only burgers.  There was only one car in front of me when I pulled up so I didn’t have a lot of time to look over the menu.  I hate sitting at drive thru speakers looking over the menu.  I don’t really like drive thru’s anyway, so the quicker the better with me. 

The sandwich that jumped out at me was the Mr. Triple.  I ordered that as well as an order of fries.  The unfortunate thing with the outside menu is it doesn’t say what exactly is on the sandwich.  I took my chances.

The total for the sandwich and fries was just a little over $7.  I paid cash and by the time I got my change, I was being handed a bag with my food.  That may have been the quickest drive thru I have ever been through.

I pulled away from the building and opened up the bag of fries first.  They were pretty standard thin and crispy restaurant fries that needed just a tad more salt.  They were good for what they were and a nice compliment to the burger.

The Mr. Triple was pretty much what I expected it to be.  There’s a half pound of beef divided between three patties with American cheese, Swiss cheese, special sauce, and lettuce.  Most special sauces are mayo based, so I didn’t even try it.  It was pretty thickly slathered on the bottom bun with the lettuce, so I just forgo the bottom bun and did a little half-Atkins deal.

The burger was quite tasty with the two different cheeses melted nicely between the burger patties.  It had a great well seasoned, greasy flavor that I like with fast food burgers.

It’s been a couple years since I’ve eaten at a Mr. Burger and I’m honestly wondering why.  I do prefer the drive thru option to the in store option.  I remember being confused by the whole ordering process in the quasi-cafeteria counter.  The drive thru was super fast and I was handed a very delicious alternative to big fast food.

Mr. Burger

Mr. Burger

French Fries

Mr. Burger

Mr. Triple

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