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Mr. T’s Party Store and Deli

November 12, 2012

  • 1122 W. Washington Street
  • Greenville, MI 48838
  • (616) 754-9244
  • Website
  • Menu

More traveling for work.  This time, I ended up in Greenville for a few hours.  On my way in to town, I passed a gas station where I could see what looked like a kitchen from the road.  The place was billed as a party store and deli so when we got done with our task in Greenville, we headed back for gas, a restroom, and a little something to eat.

Mr. T’s Party Store and Deli is on Washington Street (or M-57) to the west of downtown.  For the most part, it’s a pretty typical gas station with the pretty typical gas station types of food.  What makes Mr. T’s different is the large kitchen and army of pizza makers that take up one side of the building.

My co-worker and I were kind of in a hurry, so we were both pretty happy to see a number of already prepared options.  I would have preferred to try a pizza, but that wasn’t in the cards this time.  There were several pizzas going in and out of the oven while we were standing there and it actually took a few minutes for anyone to notice me standing there.

They have a pretty large menu of items, but I was drawn to the dry erase board which had a list of what they had on hand, already cooked right now.  My eyes were instantly drawn to the Wing Dings.  I ordered ten of the spicy wing dings which had a price tag of $4.99.  I was a little shocked by just how cheap they were, but once I realized what they were, it made a little more sense.

To round out my meal, I grabbed a Mt. Dew from the cooler on the gas station side and headed to the cash register.  There’s no place to dine in even if we wanted to, but we really needed to start heading back towards Grand Rapids anyway.  The wing dings and pop set me back a little under $7.00

While ten wing dings for $5 sounds like a good deal, you have to realize they are pretty small.  It’s still a pretty good deal and it was something I could easily eat in the car.  Past experiences with wings dings have always been just the drumstick looking part of the wing, but these were both parts of the traditional chicken wing.  The wings were crispy and even pretty spicy without the mess of sauce.  Whatever they seasoned them with did the trick on their own.

Mr. T’s Party Store & Deli was a great little quick stop for some pretty delicious food.  I don’t make it to Greenville often, but when I do, I don’t often stop to eat.  It’s nice to know there’s some place that I can stop and get a pretty good meal quickly.

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