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Hard Rock Cafe Four Winds

October 23, 2012

  • 11111 Wilson Road
  • New Buffalo, MI 49117
  • (866) 494-6371
  • Website
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After a few days in Chicago, it was time to head home.  L has not been a fan of car rides lately, so we decided to split it up and stop for lunch.  The place I wanted to stop in Union Pier doesn’t open until 5:00 during the week, so that wasn’t going to happen.  Instead, I suggested we check out the new Hard Rock Cafe in New Buffalo.

It has been several years since either of us hadn’t eaten at a Hard Rock.  For me, it was in St. Louis at least 15 years ago.

We knew that Hard Rock had opened at Four Winds Casino, but, as we pulled in to the casino, we were hoping there would be an exterior entrance or at least one through the hotel.  We saw neither.

I went in to scout things out.  When I went in the main casino entrance, I saw no signs for the cafe.  I did, however, see a map on the wall, so I went to find the Hard Rock.  According to the map, it was right off the casino floor.  I was starting to wonder if we could even bring L in.

I saw the sign through the slot machines and walked back that way to ask about bringing a kid in.  The hostess asked me if I wanted a table when I walked in.  I said maybe.  First, I asked about bringing in my daughter.  She said it was fine.  There’s a red walkway on the carpet that leads from the hallway through the casino floor to the Hard Rock.  The instructions I was given was to stay on the red carpet and don’t stop and I was more than welcome to bring in my daughter. 

I went back to the car to tell J what I found out.  We decided we were there, so we might as well.  I grabbed L from her car seat and headed back inside to the floor entrance with the red strip.  Another employee me told me not to stop and head straight to the cafe.

The Hard Rock Cafe, for those unaware, is a rock ‘n roll themed restaurant.  There are rock ‘n roll artifacts hanging on the walls and TV showing music video all over the place.  The restaurant inside Four Winds Casino is really nice.  It’s really spacious with a number of booths and tables in a modern restaurant setting.

The waitress all gushed over L when we walked in and they got her a high chair to set up next to our table.  I grabbed the drink list off the table and found a number of craft beers and specialty drinks, but I really just wanted a Pepsi.  Since I didn’t get alcohol, J stuck to pop as well getting a Sierra Mist.

Obviously, our plan was to eat in, but L wasn’t being cooperative and even though the restaurant is family friendly, we felt a little odd having a cranky baby inside the casino.  We did our best to keep her quiet, but she wasn’t playing along.  We were still hungry and had already ordered, so I grabbed L and headed back to the car so we didn’t disturb the other customers of the casino.  J hung back and asked for our meals to be boxed up and paid the $40 tab.

When J got back to the car, we decided to just eat a little in the parking lot.  We didn’t feel as bad letting L screech a little bit in the parking lot while we ate.  Of course, we would have rather enjoyed the lunch inside, but that doesn’t always happen anymore.

My choice was off the burger menu.  I ordered the Red, White, and Blue Burger.  The grilled burger is seasoned with a Spicy Buffalo sauce and Cajun spices.  It’s then topped with bleu cheese and a fried onion ring.  This burger was delicious.  It came with a cup of hot sauce on the side if it wasn’t already spicy enough.  The burger had a little bit of a kick to it inside of the grilled, crispy exterior.  There was a large pile of bleu cheese to cool the burger down and add a little bit of tang to the sandwich.  The burger came with a side of skin on fries that were deliciously crisp.

J selection was actually off the Starters menu.  The Hard Rock Nachos were fresh corn tortilla chips topped with jack cheese, cheddar cheese, pinto beans, sour cream, green onions, pico de gallo, jalapenos and Hard Rock Grilled Salsa.  For a little extra, she added on pulled pork which just made these nachos delicious.  The chips alone were very tasty, but the fresh ingredients and the smokehouse pork made these appetizer a pretty filling entree.  The large pile of nachos would have been  more than enough for two of us….and in fact, I will be eating the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

The Hard Rock Cafe was delicious.  Lunch was a little stressful for us due to L not cooperating, but as a coupe with a child, we probably won’t be back.  The people at Four Winds were all very reassuring that kids were allowed in the Cafe, but it was just weird.  It felt really odd walking through a casino with a nine-month old.  I’m a little surprised there’s not an entrance somewhere where you don’t have to go through the casino.  Everyone we encountered was very welcoming and very understanding when we had to take our lunch to go.  I would love to go back…and I would love to make this a place to meet my parents in the future, but it just feels to weird…and as L gets older, it will just get weirder feeling.

Red, White, and Blue Burger w/Fries

Hard Rock Nachos

Hard Rock Cafe on Urbanspoon

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