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Taco Boy – Plainwell

July 16, 2012

  • 1255 M-89
  • Plainwell, MI 49080
  • (269) 866-7979
  • Website
  • Menu

J was going to be home late from work today and I was hungry.  I asked if she wanted me to go pick up lunch.  On our way to Allegan yesterday for lunch at Corky’s Drive-In, I noticed the new Taco Boy was open in Plainwell.

Taco Boy is kind a main stay in the Grand Rapids dining scene.  The original store out on Plainfield was even featured in 30 Minutes or Less.  Other than that store, they have four other locations with a fifth set to open soon on Michigan Avenue.

The Plainwell Taco Boy is on M-89 in the building that previously was a Hot ‘n Now.  They did a lot of work to the old, abandoned building to make it a pretty nice sit down joint.

While the drive thru is still there, the inside of the building has seating for a handful of customers who chose to walk in.

Taco Boy is kind of famous for their burrito’s, but I love to stick to the simple things.  I ordered seven hard shell tacos (2 for J and five for me) and an order of chips and salsa.  J was in the mood for guacamole but I didn’t see it on the menu anywhere.  I asked about it and found out they don’t do guac, so I stuck to the chips and salsa. 

The bill was around $13 and it took just a few minutes for the pile of food to be wrapped up in aluminum foil and bagged up.

J wasn’t home quite yet when I got back with the food so I laid it all out on the table and got the baby something to eat before taking care of myself.  I didn’t have to wait too long for J and she went straight for the chips and salsa when she got home.

The fresh salsa comes in a small Styrofoam dish.  It’s kind of a chunky mild salsa that is served with a slightly salty chip.  I actually really like the salsa from Taco Boy, but since I got so many tacos, I let J have what she wanted first.

The tacos come with a choice of meat, but I got beef in all seven of them.  They are topped just like tacos from the chains with lettuce and cheese.  The difference is the taco shells are packed full of meat and the toppings take up just a small portion of the taco shell.  I added some of Taco Boy’s home made hot sauce which makes the tacos downright delicious.

Since opening just a few weeks ago, Taco Boy has gotten a lot of bad reviews and I was kind of amazed to see that.  They are so well liked in Grand Rapids.  I’m sort of hoping we can just chalk this up to some grand opening problems that will be sorted out soon.  Like all of my other visits to Taco Boy, I was happy with what I came away with.  The tacos, while a little more expensive, are sooooo much better than the tacos from that other chain.  I wold be happy with the expansion continuing south, but Plainwell isn’t all that far…once they get that horrendous construction on M-89 done.

Chips and Salsa

Beef Taco

Taco Boy on Urbanspoon

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