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Greenbush Brewing Company

June 4, 2012

  • 5885 Sawyer Road
  • Sawyer, MI 49125
  • (269) 405-1076
  • Website
  • Menu

J and I had been planning a quick weekend trip home for quite some time.  L decided to throw a little bit of a wrench in the plans when she started getting really cranky.  We had to call in the reinforcements.  J’s mom came to stay with us for a couple days last week.

This actually worked out really well.  J and her mom headed back to Chicago Friday afternoon while I still had two more days of work.

Sunday morning, I got up just before 11 and started driving south to meet up with my wife and baby.

We were going to a birthday party on Sunday around 1:00 CT.  I decided to leave early enough so that I could stop and eat lunch along the way.

There are several places not far off I-94 that I really want to stop at eventually.  It was hard to pick, but I decided to go with a brewery.  That narrowed it down to two.  I then decided to go to the one still in Michigan.

Greenbush Brewing Company is in downtown Sawyer about a mile east of I-94.  You can’t miss it.  Just past the railroad tracks is an old brick building with the word “Brewery” in large letters on the roof. 

The brewery opened at noon and I go there about 12:15.  I parked in a parallel spot across the street and walked in to the taproom to find most of the tables already full.  Since I was alone, I headed to the bar.

The taproom at Greenbush was just opened up a few weeks ago to accommodate more tables.  A wall on the west side of the building was knocked down and a few larger tables now fill the space.

I sat down and tried to read the taps, but the stickers under each of the large wooden pulls was too small  The beer list is actually listed on an erasable board on the east side of the bar.  Being a Sunday morning, the picks were a little slim, but they did have the beer that I really like.

I ordered a pint of Anger which is their Black IPA.  I love the lingering bitterness.  I probably should have gotten a growler, but I’m afraid it would take me forever to drink it.

As the bartender was pouring my beer, she asked if I was going to get something to eat.

The menu is pretty small with a few appetizers, a couple salads, and a handful of sandwiches.  More than one of the sandwiches sounded good, but it was the Roast Beef and Provolone that won out.

The sandwich is tender roast beef, melty provolone, and hot giardiniera on focaccia bread.  The sandwich was amazing.  The bread was toasted and piled high with roast beef.  When I first saw the sandwich, I thought it looked a little small, but what it lacked in length, it made up for in height.  The provolone and giardiniera was sandwiched between two layers of beef.  The sandwich was served with potato chips and a pickle spear and all of it was incredibly delicious.

There were a couple other beers I would have liked to have tried, but I had to get back on the road, so I downed the remaining beer in my glass and asked for the check.

The beer and sandwich set me back $12.  Greenbush Brewing is another fantastic Michigan brewing.  The atmosphere in the taproom is great,  the food is delicious and the beer is worth the drive to Sawyer.

A Pint of Anger Black IPA

Roast Beef and Provolone Sandwich

Greenbush Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

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