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Big Boy – Plainwell

May 23, 2012

  • 618 Allegan Street
  • Plainwell, MI 49080
  • (269) 685-6801
  • Website
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Last summer, my parents and I took what has become an annual trip to Earl’s Farm Market near Fennville to pick blackberries.  After getting more than my mom could eat, we decided to head to South Haven to eat.  They had never been to the beach there and I thought we could grab a bite to eat then walk out on the pier.

As we were getting off I-196, my dad saw a sign for Big Boy.  He asked what that was.  I told him it was somewhere between Applebees and Denny’s.  I didn’t know how else to describe.  It wasn’t my first choice, but I offered to take them there if that’s what they wanted to do.

They opted to do something local instead and we ended up at Venezia Pizza Restaurant.  With the way that lunch went, we probably should have just went to Big Boy.

Since L was born, my parents try to make it to Kalamazoo once a month to see her.  Since I work Saturday night, we only end up with Sunday’s to spend together.  We usually start with breakfast then some sort of project that I need help with around the house.

I got up around 9:30 so we could get a somewhat early start to the day.  I had some landscaping that I needed help with and I wanted to get going on that before it got too hot. 

To my surprise, everyone was up when I crawled out of bed.  My mom is usually a pretty late sleeper (that’s where I get it from), but even she was up.  I asked if everyone was up for breakfast.  We got L ready to go and we all hopped in the car.

As we were pulling out of the driveway, I asked everyone if Big Boy was ok.  I figured I’d let my dad find out what Big Boy was all about.

The closest remaining Big Boy to us is in Plainwell on Allegan Street (M-89), just off US-131.  Right now, that area is really tore up, but Big Boy is still pretty easily accessible without having to detour and you can even get right back on the highway without having to take the ridiculous detour all the way around town.

The four of us walked in with L in her carseat and it took a long time for a waitress to come over to seat us.  I had considered going somewhere else in town, but the construction talked me out of it.  It’s so hard to get around Plainwell right now, waiting a few more minutes to get a table wasn’t going to hurt me.

We were finally shown to a booth and I asked for a high chair to put L in.  She’s too little to sit in a high chair on her own, so we flip them over and use the bottom to hold her car seat.  It actually fits really well….when they’re not broke.  The waitress grabbed one that was missing one of the cross braces on the bottom.  That won’t work, so after she left, I went and got a new one.  Easier than trying to explain it to someone who doesn’t get it.

Breakfast at Big Boy features a pretty expansive buffet, but none of ordered it.  We all stuck to menu items.  A little surprising because my parents used to love buffet’s.

I stuck to my usual Steak & Eggs.  A six ounce sirloin comes with two eggs, hash browns, and toast.  The steak was a pretty solid pink in the middle which I like and the eggs were just a bit runny.  The hash browns were a little under done for my liking, so I didn’t really touch them.

J chose the Blockbuster Breakfast which allows you to chose 3, 4, or 5 items from a list of several.  She chose the oatmeal, bacon, and toast.  The oatmeal came with a little glass of milk and brown sugar to top it off.  By the time we got our breakfast, J was having to hold L, so she was eating one handed and just wanted to get done.  She never said anything about it, so I’m not sure what her thoughts were.

I have to admit, I don’t remember what my parents ordered, but both of them seemed to like it.  They both commented on the way home that they would eat there again.

Our bill was right around $40 for the four of us including drinks.  Big Boy got us exactly what we were expecting.  The breakfast was solid, but nothing extraordinary and my parents got to experience the Big Boy.

Steak & Eggs

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