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The Rib Cage

April 29, 2012

  • 537 E. North Street
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49007
  • (269) 377-8943
  • Website
  • Menu

Have I mentioned how much I love BBQ?  No?  Really?  Ok, I really love BBQ….and I really have a hard time finding the kind of BBQ I like.  Every time I see a BBQ place I haven’t been to, I make it a point to get there as fast as I can.

I noticed a new place pop up on Urbanspoon called The Rib Cafe.  It sounded like my kind of place so I waited until an opportunity to go pick up lunch.

J was working a little late the other day and I was hungry.  I got L in to the car and headed to the Northside to see what this place is all about.

The Rib Cage is on the corner of North and Harrison just down the road from Louie’s Trophy House Grill.  There’s a building on the corner with a sign for The Rib Cage, but there’s also a number of signs pointing you to the back of the restaurant where there’s a fenced in parking lot with a food truck.  For now, this is the restaurant.  The man I talked to said they were still working on the inside hoping to open a sit down restaurant, but the process has been real slow. 

I got to The Rib Cage not long after 11:00.  There was an open sign flashing in the truck and I could smell the smokers going in the back corner of the property.  There were a couple really big speakers set up blasting music out into the open area, but I didn’t see anyone around.  I hung around for a few minutes looking over the menu the walked around the side of the food truck to take a peak inside the building.  I caught someone’s attention and he came running out and apologizing.  Not necessary as I had only been there a couple minutes.

My absolute favorite type of BBQ is the pulled pork sandwich.  Lucky for me, that is one of their specialities.  They also have a lot of the usual suspects.  Ribs (both baby back and spare), rib tips, and BBQ Chicken, but there’s also a whole seafood section (Shrimp, talapia, and catfish to name a few of the selections), sandwiches (lots of cold meat, Pastrami, fish sandwiches), hot dogs, and more chicken options (chicken strips and wing dings).  Other than the pulled pork, their signature items are talapia nuggets and salmon balls.  Those didn’t really interest me as I don’t like either of those fishes, but they do sound interesting as in things I haven’t seen anywhere else.

I put in my order for two pulled pork sandwiches and an order of fries.  I figured it was going to be about an hour until J got to eat, so I didn’t get her any fries.  My bill was just a little over $12 and they only take cash.  I had a feeling that was going to be the case so I stopped at the bank on my way.  Good thing I did.

The sandwiches were ready right away and the cook asked if he could put them both in the same to-go box.  He put the fries in their own box so he didn’t want to use three which was fine with me.

Once I got home, I cracked open the fry container first.  Man, was I excited when I saw the fresh cut fries in the box.  I absolutely love fries cooked this way.  They’re nice and golden brown, a little greasy, and covered in sea salt.  I was not expecting fries like this when I ordered them, but it could have became my favorite part of the meal.

Could have because the pulled pork was also cooked just the way I like it. The tender pork butt had a nice smokey flavor and was covered in a somewhat tangy vinegar sauce.  I think it might have been too meaty for J, but I really liked it.

I really hope The Rib Cage survives.  They have a really interesting back story which you can read about in this Gazette article.  The BBQ was really delicious and the fries almost warrant a trip back across town on their own.

French Fries w/Sea Salt

Pulley's Pulled Pork Sandwich

The Rib Cage on Urbanspoon

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