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Sunset Blvd. Brewing Company

March 25, 2012

  • 4212 Portage Road
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49001
  • (269) 343-0711
  • Website
  • No Online Menu

I’m not a big Groupon fan.  It’s great for consumers, but I hate how cheap people are.  The whole idea is to get people in the door, but unfortunately, most people only spend what they have the coupon for and never go back thus, giving the small business they’re supposed to be helping a loss.  I think I’ve only ever bought one and I stopped checking a long time ago to see what the deal of the day was.

J, however, checks the deals most days.  This week, I’m really glad she did.

On Thursday, J checked Groupon like she does most mornings and was a little confused with what she saw pop up.  The deal was for Sunset Blvd. Brewing Company in Kalamazoo.  How the heck did a brewery open in Kalamazoo and we missed it?

There’s actually a pretty good answer to that question.  The pub opened the week after L was born at the end of January.  Almost two years after the brewery was originally announced in the summer of 2010, the owners finally got all the paperwork done and moved in to the old R. Stanley’s location on Portage Road just north of I-94.

J and I used to live at Candlewyck Apartments just down the street on Kilgore Road.  I was pretty excited when I read the initial article in the Gazette, but had since forgot about the place.  When J told me where the brewery was located, that all came flooding back.

J’s parents came for a visit and not long after they got here, J asked if everyone was hungry.  She initially suggested going to Old Mill Brewpub in Plainwell, but I really wanted to check out this new place, so I did my best to talk her in to it. 

We walked in to the restaurant just before 1:00 on Sunday afternoon.  We were met by the bartender who told us to sit wherever.   Since we had L, I chose a table along the wall that shares a long bench seat with other tables.  Since we were the only ones in the place, I didn’t feel bad about putting L’s carseat on the bench next to me.

The space is sparsely decorated with a few entertainment themed pictures on the wall and a shrine to Dave Matthews.  The bar is a large wraparound with large coolers backed up against the walls.

Our waiter followed us to the table with menus and started apologizing for the lack of beer selection.  The Groupon worked on bringing people in and they ran out of quite a few of their beers.  He really pushed the Dockside which is a Rye so that’s what J’s mom and I both ordered.  I asked if there was an IPA before ordering.  There is one, but they didn’t have it on tap when we were there.

J’s step-dad isn’t much of a craft beer guy and asked if they had a “regular” Miller Lite.  They only serve their beers, so he instead ordered a Coke while J got a Sprite.

The menu is upscale pub food with a chef who has previously worked at Zazio’s and Webster’s.  Both of J’s parents and I all ordered burgers.  J’s mom got the Blue Cheez Burger while her step-dad ordered a cheeseburger.  My eyes went straight to the Whiskey Bacon and Cheddar Burger.  All the burgers came with the usual lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle and choice of chips or potato sticks.  My burger came topped with bacon which I assume is infused with whiskey.  It did have that sort of sweet and salty taste to it which was an unusual, but welcome surprise.  The burger was cooked perfectly with a little pink in the middle.  J’s mom said her sandwich came with a large portion of blue cheese.  She ate about half of hers before boxing up the second half for later.

The lack of online menu is really going to hinder my writing about what J ordered.  The sandwich is called The Berkley.  It’s a vegetarian sandwich served on a seeded ciabatta.  I really wish I knew what was all on it because J really seemed to like it.

J’s sandwich also came with the choice of chips of potato sticks.  The bartender told us sticks were fries which I pretty much assusmed.  The sticks were beer battered wedge-like fries with a little bit of a seasoning on it.  They were really crispy and quite delicious.

The bill for the four of us, with two beers was just a little over $40.  That surprised everyone as we all thought it was going to be more.  Sunset Blvd. Brewing Company is another welcome addition to the Southwest Michigan beer scene.  The food was pretty good and the beer I had was tasty.  We hit up the place during a pretty down time and well before sunset.  That’s important because as sunset each day, they offer $1 pints for two minutes.  Don’t know when sunset is?  That’s ok, they write it on a chalkboard above the bar.

Dockside Rye

Whiskey Bacon and Cheddar Burger w/Potato Sticks

The Berkeley w/Potato Sticks

Sunset Blvd. Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

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  1. Sam permalink
    July 13, 2012 8:32 am

    The fact that you liked this place tells me a lot. I’ll stop reading your reviews now.

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