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Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop – Wyoming

February 22, 2012

  • 1550 28th Street SE
  • Wyoming, MI 49509
  • (616) 249-9450
  • Website
  • Menu

I can’t believe that I would ever get tired of burgers and greasy food, but it seems like I’m eating out a lot more now that we’ve had the baby.  Well, maybe not eating out a lot more, but eating a lot more fast food.  After a while, even a burger doesn’t sound all that great to me….and that scares me a little.

I decided I wanted to try something new when it came to sandwiches.   I always like the local deli option, but the ones that are open at night are few and far between and deli’s can be expensive.  As for the national sandwich chains, they all start to taste the same.

As soon as I got to work on Saturday, I got sent on an errand that took me just past the intersection of 28th and Burlingame in Wyoming.  I was still a few hours from dinner, but a new restaurant caught my eye and I decided to head back that way when my lunch break rolled around.

Tim Hortons isn’t new to me, but it is fairly new to the area.  The Canadian chain has a presence in the Lansing area where J and I ate at a couple different locations.  At that time, I called the sandwiches “s0-so.”  I don’t really remembering being all that impressed, but that was three years ago and the menu has changed quite a bit in that time. 

The Wyoming location of Tim Hortons is right on the corner of 28th and Burlingame.  It’s a new, standalone building that also houses a Cold Stone Creamery inside the Tim Hortons.  Things can get a little confusing when you first walk in.  There’s two different lines depending on what you’re wanting to eat.  One leads to the ice cream.  One leads to the sandwiches.

I navigated my way through the black ropes to get to the order counter for the sandwiches.  I actually found a couple sandwiches that sounded good, but it was the Chipotle Turkey that won out.  The unfortunate thing was that the menu board didn’t tell me what was actually on the sandwich, so, in a move totally unlike me, I asked the clerk.  She didn’t know so she yelled over to the sandwich maker.  He didn’t know either, but grabbed his little cheat sheet to clear things up.

The sandwich comes on a Mult-Grain bread with sliced turkey, cheese, tomato, red onion, and a chipotle spread.  I asked for the red onion to be left off then made my sandwich a chip combo which included a bag of Lay’s Potato chips and a pop.  The total was right around $6.50 and it took just a few minutes for my sandwich to be wrapped up and handed to me.

This sandwich is a big improvement over the last time I had Tim Hortons.  The bread had nice, crispy grill marks and the chipotle spread added just enough of a kick to the sandwich.  When I walked in to Tim Hortons, I was hoping for an alternative to the typical sandwich.  I found what I was looking for.

Chipotle Turkey Panini

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