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Kelly’s Cafe & Catering

September 21, 2011

  • 7630 S. Westnedge Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49002
  • (269) 903-2332
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

My extended weekend had one more day that J and I would be able to eat out together.  We actually had a doctor’s appointment in Portage at 2:00 and decided to pick up lunch and run a few errands before that.

J said she was up for anything and I had been holding on to a new(er) restaurant on South Westnedge until we had a reason to go to that side of town.

Kelly’s Cafe & Catering takes up the space that used to be Curry Corner in the Portage Plaza.  The space has a little bit of a weird vibe to it.  When you walk, you’re actually greeted with the salad and taco bar.  Behind that is the dining area and J said it kind of had the feeling of a VFW hall.  The tables are more like something you would see in a hall type setting.  There are regular four tops in the front and back of the space but in between are large round tables.  The wall opposite the kitchen has two long tables with folding chairs.  All of the tables are covered with cloth tablecloths that are then topped with a sheet of plastic.

J saying the place sort of felt like a VFW Hall is re-enforced by the military posters and flags on the wall.  Kelly’s also offers 10% to all veteran’s, all day, every day. 

We took one of the four tops along the back of the dining room.  There was only one left because those were the only tables being used.  No one used the larger tables until all the four tops were full.  A waitress, who I heard another table call Kelly, came over with a couple of menus and asked about drinks.  They actually have both Coke and Pepsi products because they are served out of a can instead of a fountain.

The menu is classic diner food, most of which I’m told is made from scratch.   I stuck to my guns and went with the basic Cheeseburger.  There are a few choices of cheese of which I chose the Cheddar.  The waitress asked how I wanted it cooked and I went with the usual medium.  The burger came out on a classic white bun.  It was juicy and had the taste that you can only get off a diner grill.  The fries were standard food service fries that needed a little more salt once they got to the table.

J ordered the Grilled Cheese.  She was offered choice of bread and cheese.  She chose wheat bread and American cheese.  She said the sandwich was very cheesy.  Her sandwich came with the same fries that came with my sandwich.

We were offered dessert, but we were actually pretty stuffed so we had to pass.  One of the things I noticed up on the board was “Bill Knapps Chocolate Cake.”  I never had anything from Bill Knapps, but if you were a fan, you might want to inquire about this cake.

Our bill was just a little over $14 and before the check was rung up, I was asked if I was a veteran.  Kelly’s Cafe & Catering is a pretty standard neighborhood diner.  The waitress knew quite a few of the patrons that were in there and she took time to stop and talk with everyone.  With the basic food we had, I didn’t really see anything that made it stand out, but I’ve read some pretty surprising reviews about some of the other offerings being incredibly good.  The atmosphere feels a little weird for me, but if you look past that, you may find something on the menu that will surprise you.

Cheeseburger w/Fries

Grilled Cheese w/Fries

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