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East Egg – Mattawan

August 29, 2011

  • 33901 City Center Circle
  • Mattawan, MI 49017
  • (269) 688-7515
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Even though I was working all weekend, J’s parents came to Kalamazoo for a few days to help us do some things around the house.  I wasn’t able to work, but J’s step-dad accomplished a pretty large to-do list that we’ve had for a while I don’t have the skills to do.

On Sunday morning, J woke me up and asked if we could take her parents to breakfast before they headed back to Chicago.  Of course, I was more than willing to get up even though I knew I’d end up back in bed later in the day.

I originally thought they were just going to follow us and then head straight for home, so I picked a place in Mattawan.  I figured they could just hop on the Interstate after we eat and make their way back towards Chicago.

There are not a lot of dining choices in the small town right off I-94.  I did remember hearing about an East Egg opening recently and thought that would be a place we would all enjoy.

The first task when trying to eat at East Egg in Mattawan is finding it.  It’s on City Center Circle, but that’s not going to come up on any Google search or GPS.  The road is brand new and part of a new commercial development just off Main Street north of the village. 

The new development, known as McGillens Crossing is still under construction.  Some tenants have moved in while some store fronts are awaiting new businesses.

The building that East Egg occupies also has a pub that is yet to open.  The new Tavern on McGillen will be owned by the same people that own the East Egg locations, Craftsman Chop House and Mission Pointe.

If you’ve been to the Portage East Egg, you’ll notice a lot of similarities in the new Mattawan location.  The surprising thing is this new location has the same vaulted ceiling as the Portage location which means it has the same loud atmosphere.  I thought maybe they would have gotten enough complaints about conversation being difficult at the Portage location that they wouldn’t make that mistake twice.  Apparently, they don’t see it as a problem.

Other than that issue, East Egg has everything I like about the Portage location.  The bright, colorful palate.  The small dining room with a lunch counter.  Tennis balls on the bottom of all the chairs to prevent the legs from scratching up the floor…and of course, the great food.

One of the things I was hoping by going to Mattawan is that we wouldn’t have a wait.  My gamble paid off.  We walked in just before 10:00 on a Sunday morning and were seated right away.

My father-in-law was the only coffee drinker in the bunch.  I got a Coke,  J got an orange juice, and her mom got an apple juice.

Everyone was a little surprised when it came to my turn to order and I didn’t get the Steak ‘n Eggs.  I always get Steak ‘n Eggs, but I had that last time we had eaten at East Egg and I wanted to try an Eggs Benedict.  They have eight choice, but I stuck to the Classic Ham Benedict.  Two poached eggs are placed on an English Muffin with a slice of ham between.  It’s then covered in East Egg’s Signature Hollandaise.  The dish is served hash browns.  I’m glad I went with this dish.  the eggs were still a bit runny when I cut in to them and the ham had a crispy other edge.  The Hollandaise sauce was delicious and had a taste that I would almost swear had a hint of Cheddar cheese in.  The hash browns were ok.  There was a crispy outer crust, but the inside was still pretty potato-y.

Both J and her mom ordered That One Breakfast.  They each got their two eggs done different way.  J got scrambled.  Her mom got over medium.  J went with bacon for her meat while her mom went with the sausage.   They both got wheat toast plus hash browns.  I forgot that the bread was home made and it made me jealous that I didn’t get any with my breakfast.  The bacon was done very crispy…just the way J likes it.  Both ladies seemed to like their meal as both plates ended up empty.

J’s step-dad ordered the French Toast.  They gave him the choice of a short stack or a full stack.  He took the full which is three full pieces of toast cut into six triangles, dipped in custard and griddle fried.  The toast came with fresh fruit and powdered sugar on top plush hash browns.  He seemed satisfied with the French Toast but didn’t really say anything about any of the food.

The bill was just under $40 for the four of us.  We were all happy with the food and the speed of the meal.  J’s parents wanted to get on the road and they got us out of there pretty quickly.  I’m still a little shocked they went with the same loud design, but that’s really the only flaw with the place from my perspective.

Classic Ham Benedict

That One Breakfast

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  1. Guest permalink
    October 12, 2011 11:03 pm

    The food is good, and the location quaint. Unfortunately, the service is something that I have found fault with. Every time I have been to East Egg in Mattawan in the last year, (about 1/2 dozen times, and at different times of the week) I have had the same unfriendly, inattentive waitress. Having her each time has been a frustration, with long waits at the counter trying to get her attention to be seated, and even longer waits in getting refills, our food order, and our bill. She doesn’t smile, she doesn’t greet customers courteously. Going out to eat should be a relaxing, pleasant experience, and knowing I am probably going to be served by this same person again, makes me want to avoid the place. I’m sorry to say it, but it is so. She is always there and the only one I recognize of all the waitstaff, making me wonder if she is also the manager. I probably won’t try this place again.

    • Don permalink
      March 18, 2012 7:12 am

      Are you sure that it was Mattawan. I have had the best service and food
      with a smile all the time. Take a good look are you happy anywere you eat.

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