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Press Releas – Voting Opens for Grandwhich

July 15, 2011

From a press release…

Grandwich- A Grand Rapids Signature Sandwich Competition

Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 14, 2011 — Grandwich is a competition for local restaurants in the downtown and neighborhoods of Grand Rapids to create a sandwich that, like the Philadelphia cheesesteak and Chicago dog, will be synonymous with Grand Rapids. Each participating restaurant will create their version of what the Grandwich should be. For two weeks, the participating restaurants will put their sandwiches on their menus giving the public the opportunity to visit each establishment and vote on their favorite. The top 10 sandwiches will go on to a judging event where a panel of judges will determine the official “Grandwich.”

Voting starts Friday, July 15. From July 15 to July 31, 2011, the 48 participating restaurants will put their signature sandwiches on their menus. The public can then go to the participating restaurants, try as many sandwiches as they would like and vote on their favorites. To vote, log onto and register. People can vote for multiple sandwiches, but are limited to one vote per sandwich. The top ten sandwiches with the most votes by July 31 will go on to the judging event.

A Grandwich poster will be displayed at each participating restaurant. To find a list of restaurants and sandwiches, visit the website at Each participating restaurant will also display a collection box for Kids’ Food Basket donations.

The public is encouraged to discuss their favorite sandwiches through Facebook at or through Twitter using the hash tag, #Grandwich.

On August 1, the top 10 sandwiches will be announced. From August 1 to August 6, the public will be encouraged to try the sandwiches in the top 10 they might not have sampled yet.

On August 6 the judging event will be the grand finale of the competition and will take place at Rosa Parks Circle at 1:00pm. The event will be open to the public. Admission to the event will be a donation to Kids’ Food Basket. The donation can be monetary or a donation of an item on the Kids’ Food Basket wish list. A link to the items on the wish list can be found on the website, At the judging event, the top 10 restaurants will hand out samples of their sandwiches. A panel of judges made up of local food experts will judge each sandwich, and the winner will be announced.

The signature sandwich competition is the idea of Nicole Infante, who presented in the March 5×5 panel. While she did not win cash, she did receive a positive response from the Downtown Alliance and Neighborhood Ventures who are helping make the event a reality. Infante says, “The ultimate goals of the competition are to support local business, to put Grand Rapids on the culinary map, and, in general, to taste a lot of different and delicious sandwiches.”

Sharon Evoy, Executive Director of the Downtown Alliance, says she’s excited about the contest. “We love having the chance to work with Nicole; she’s come up with a great idea. This is an excellent way to create excitement and bring people into restaurants during the summer.”

Mark Lewis, Executive Director of Neighborhood Ventures, said “there are so many exceptional restaurants, deli’s and coffee houses in Grand Rapids’ neighborhoods and the downtown, and this is a good reason to explore them.”

“This is a signature sandwich competition for the people of a great city; a city that should be celebrated with flavors as unique and brilliant as the people who inhabit it,” said Infante.

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