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American Spoon Foods – Saugatuck

May 2, 2011

  • 308 Butler Street
  • Saugatuck, MI 49453
  • (269) 857-3084
  • Website
  • Menu

After a great lunch at Saugatuck Brewing Company, we decided to head to downtown Saugatuck for a walk.  Neither of us had really been to the downtown area before and since it was such a nice day, we figured we could use a short walk after such a great lunch.

Like most resort towns along Lake Michigan, downtown Saugatuck has a lot of options if you’re looking for something sweet.  We actually passed both Kilwin’s, yes BOTH Kilwin’s this time which is highly unusual.  I love Kilwin’s fudge.  Instead, after walking around for twenty minutes or so, we headed into a small shop to get Gelato.

American Spoon Foods is on Butler Street just north of Hoffman Street in Saugatuck’s downtown business area.  American Spoon Foods is actually a small, Michigan chain of shops that are set up in resort towns up and down the west coast.  The original store is in Petoskey.  That store actually includes a small cafe.  The Saugatuck store is mainly a retail outlet for their jams, jellies, salsa, and condiments.  While retail is the main part of their business, they also offer up home made gelato.

J and I headed straight for the back of the store where the gelato case is.  As usual, I’m super boring.  I asked for a small cup of vanilla gelato.  I don’t like the fruity options and nothing other than vanilla or chocolate jumped out at me, so I stuck with vanilla.

J is much more adventurous than I am.  She also got a small cup but she went with two flavors.  The first was a mango flavor.  The other was a very red raspberry flavor.

The cost for the two small cups was just under eight bucks.  We paid then looked around the shop a little bit before heading outside to sit on a bench and enjoy the gelato.

We both savored our small cups of gelato and just enjoyed the beautiful afternoon.  My vanilla was spot on for vanilla.  I know that’s not saying much, but hey, it’s vanilla.  What is there to say about it other than it was delicious and I wanted more.

J took her time savoring both flavors and was still eating it long after I threw my cup away and we started to drive away from Saugatuck.  It was one of those things that it was so good she didn’t want to find the bottom of the cup.

There are a lot of options for sweet treats in downtown Saugatuck including a couple options for gelato.  American Spoon Foods delivers on the dense, delicious treat.

Mango and Raspberry Gelato

American Spoon Foods on Urbanspoon

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