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Covered Bridge Diner

March 3, 2011

  • 104 W. Main Street
  • Centreville, MI 49032
  • (269) 467-7200
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

Another day in St. Joseph County for work means another opportunity to eat out.  I was actually by myself so when lunch time rolled around, I could pick whatever I wanted.

J has actually been to Centreville for work several times and she suggested a little diner right in the heart of the small St. Joseph County community.

The Covered Bridge Diner is on the corner Main and Dean Streets across from the St. Joseph County Courthouse.  The area surrounding the courthouse is mostly older row buildings.  The Covered Bridge Diner takes up the corner space along the busiest stretch of road in town.

The diner takes its name from the Langley Covered Bridge which is just a few miles north of town.  Parking is wherever you can find it on the street and seating is whatever is open at the time. 

The interior has a country feel to it.  The walls are white painted brick.  The floor is an aged hardwood.  There’s a giant wooden staircase near the back of the space.  I couldn’t tell if it actually led to anywhere, but it’s a nice feature that adds to the down home feel of the space.

The tables are scattered throughout the dining room.  Since I was dining alone, I didn’t want to take up a four top.  I spotted a two top sort of tucked into a corner and headed there.  There’s also the option of a lunch counter which is along one of the walls.  It’s not the traditional lunch counter that looks into the kitchen.  It’s just kind of a free standing feature as the kitchen is in the back of the space and separated by a Dutch Door.

A waitress followed me over to the table and set a menu down.  She went over the specials real quick then asked what I wanted to drink.  I just got a Coke and sort of looked at the menu while she was gone.  I was pretty much set on one of the specials before I even walked in the door.

As I drove by the Covered Bridge Diner, I noticed a sign painted on the window that advertised a $1.99 burger.  Yes, please.

When the waitress came back with the drink a few minutes later, she asked if I needed more time because she wasn’t actually gone all that long.  I declined and told her I just wanted the burger with American cheese and an order of fries.  She asked if I wanted anything else on it and I said no.  I assumed that meant I would get my burger without any condiments, but when the basket was delivered a few minutes later, I noticed a red onion on underneath the meat.  I picked up the burger to find pickles and ketchup in addition to the onion.  I pulled the solid pieces off and scraped off most of the ketchup. It’s not that I don’t like ketchup, I’m just not a huge fan, so a little ketchup residue on the bottom bun wasn’t going to bother me.

The burger is a pretty basic diner burger.  It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s got a good greasy flat top taste to it.  I added a little extra salt like I always do with cheap burgers and I ended up having a pretty solid lunch.  The fries were run-of-the-mill crinkle cut fries which needed just a bit more salt.

The Covered Bridge Diner is a great small town diner.  The food is solid greasy spoon fare and best of all, it’s cheap.  Really cheap.  My whole meal cost me only a little over $6 bucks and didn’t take longer than 20 minutes.

I’ve got a few more days of working in the Centreville area and lunch choices are limited in the small town.  It’s good to know that there are solid dining options right in town.

Cheeseburger w/Fries

And now, a few pictures of the Langley Covered Bridge….just because I had never seen it before so I decided to take a detour on my way home….

The Covered Bridge Dinner on Urbanspoon

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