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Wayside West

November 9, 2010

  • 3406 Stadium Drive
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49008
  • (269) 375-1930
  • Website
  • Menu

Another day off.  Another day raking leaves.  We picked a good time to move in.  Well, good time if you like raking leaves.  After dropping off 58 bags of leaves at a leaf drop day this past weekend, J and I filled 12 more bags today.

We only had six bags left at home, so a trip to Lowes was in order.  Before that, we decided we may as well go out for lunch too.  We had a couple ideas over on the Portage side of town, but neither were open yet and I didn’t feel like waiting or driving, so I picked a spot a little closer to home.

Wayside West is on Stadium Drive near Adios Drive.  It’s a building your not going to accidentally drive by and miss.  It’s huge.   It’s so big the only thing near it is the large parking lot that surrounds it.

I’ve been wanting to eat at Wayside West, but I never thought it would be a good idea to go for dinner.  Wayside is more of a college bar and I’m way past that age.  When J and I lived on the south side of Kalamazoo, we didn’t venture to this side of town much for lunch, so it’s one of those places that was always there, but we never thought of it. 

We did our usual late lunch which almost always means a pretty bare dining room.  Wayside West was no exception.  There were only a couple other people hanging out at the bar in the massive building.

I don’t know if I can accurately describe the place, but I’ll do my best.  The best way to put it is 10 years ago me would have loved the place and probably spent at least three nights a week there.  There are four different levels with a dining room down a short flight of steps, the main bar area on the same level as you walk in, another area above dining room which I assumed was a game room, and a fourth level sort of above the bar.  There are TV’s everywhere including at least three large projection TV’s that hang in the bar.  As you walk in, there’s also a large, brightly lit room right in front of you.  We figured out on our way out that is the poker room.

Since we were looking for lunch, we headed to the bar and took a seat at one of the pub tables.  J tried to push me towards a booth, but they were the half circle booths and I really don’t like those so I made her climb up into a pub chair without even realizing what I was doing until she struggled to hop up on to the chair.

The menus were already on the table so we started looking at them as the waitress/bartender was making her way over to us.  We both got Pepsi’s which were brought back before we were ready to order, so we asked for a few more minutes.

I pretty much honed in on the burger section and found one called The Alamo Burger.  It’s a 1/2 lb. lean ground beef burger topped with cheese, BBQ sauce, ham, bacon, and onion rings.  I left the onion rings off of and I could still barely get the burger in mouth.  I was never asked how I wanted the meat cooked and it came out a little on the well done side, but the toppings actually made this a really tasty piece of meat.  The bacon was nice and crispy and the ham had a little bit of carmelization around the edge which added a little more crunch.   There wasn’t a lot of BBQ sauce, but that was actually pretty nice because it didn’t make enough.  There was just enough to hold the sesame seed bun to the bottom of the burger.  I went with the fries for my side.  They were skin on fries cooked to a deep golden brown.

J ordered off the wrap section after she found the Buffalo Chicken Wrap.  The wrap was supposed to have been a jalapeno tortilla, but neither of us could tell if it was or not.  Usually jalapeno tortillas are green, but this one looked like a regular flour.  I’m not saying it wasn’t, but the heat from the  Buffalo chicken cancelled out any heat that we may have been able to get from a jalapeno tortilla.  Other than the wrap and the chicken, the tortilla included cheese, lettuce, tomato and ranch.  J chose the mild sauce which was still pretty spicy, but cooled off by the ranch.  She said the wrap was very good and opened it up to get all the yummy fillings as she was getting full.  For her side, she chose the home made potato chips which were crunchy and very well cooked.  A lot of places over cook or under cook home made chips.  The order she got at Wayside West was almost dead on.  They were a little soggy in the center of the bigger ones, but still crunchy around the edges.

Our bill was just a shade over $20.  The food at Wayside West is pretty solid pub food.  We didn’t really have any expectations before going in because most of the people we know either haven’t been there since they were in college or tend to avoid the place because it caters to a younger crowd.  After getting a look at the place, I still wouldn’t take my 30-year-old ass to that place at night, but I would definitely go again for lunch.

Alamo Burger w/Fries

Buffalo Chicken Wrap w/Home made chips

Wayside West on Urbanspoon

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