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Jacques Torres Chocolate – Chelsea Market

October 6, 2010

  • 75 9th Avenue
  • New York, NY 10011
  • (212) 414-2462
  • Website
  • Menu

OK, so we did buy one thing when we were at Chelsea Market.  As we were walking along the row of shops, J noticed a sign for Frozen Hot Chocolate.  I missed it, but as we were making our return trip to the door we entered, she said she wanted to stop and get a drink.  When she stopped, I looked up at the sign and immediately recognized the name.  She had never heard of it, but wanted frozen hot chocolate.

Jacques Torres is French master pastry chef.  His chocolate creations are considered some of the best in the world because he makes them free of preservatives and artificial flavorings.  He has five shops in New York city including Jacques Torres Chocolates in Chelsea Market.

The Chelsea Market store is more of a kiosk that shares space with a few other businesses.  The Jacques Torres area has a display case full of beautiful handcrafted chocolates that are almost too good to pass up.   We did, but only because J was on a mission.

She walked up to the counter and ordered a frozen hot chocolate.  The girl working asked if she wanted it regular or if she’d like the Wicked Hot Chocolate.  J asked what that meant and was told there was a combination of chili peppers in the Wicked.  Her face lit up and she may have squealed a little bit when she said yes.  The clerk was happy to see that reaction because she said most people shy away.  Not J.  She knows chocolate and ancho make a great combination.

I sort of walked out of the store back in to Chelsea Market as the drink was being made, but J joined me soon enough and actually offered some to me.  The only other experience I have had with Frozen Hot Chocolate is at Biggby.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Biggby’s version, but it doesn’t even compare to Jacques Torres.

The Wicked Hot Chocolate has a very rich chocolate flavor and just a hint of those chili peppers that hit you long after you’ve swallowed that chocolately goodness.  It really was like drinking a chocolate bar.  It didn’t taste watered down at all which can be my complaint from Biggby at times.  If you’ve never had the chocolate/pepper combination, you are truly missing out.

We didn’t get a whole lot from Jacques Torres, but J now knows who he is.  Since I don’t drink coffee, I do end up drinking quite a bit of hot chocolate in the winter and this stuff is by far, the best I’ve ever had.  Sure, it was frozen, but it was still the best.  I can only imagine how great this stuff is hot.

Wicked Frozen Hot Chocolate

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