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Water Street Gelatoworks

September 22, 2010

  • 138 Water Street
  • Benton Harbor, MI 49023
  • (269) 925-5545
  • Website
  • No Online Menu

Oh how I love gelato.  I was so excited to hear that one of our stops before heading back to Kalamazoo was going to be at a gelato shop in Benton Harbor.

Water Street Gelatoworks is a very cool shop near the corner of Water and Hinkley Street.  While the gelato shop on it’s own would be cool enough, it’s more than that.  They share the building with Water Street Glassworks.  It’s part of a revitalization process going on in Benton Harbor right now.

The building that houses both businesses are located in the historic Hinkley Building in Benton Harbor’s Arts District.  The building was built in 1898 and it’s first use was as a manufacturing center.  There’s a very cool history of the building on the Water Street Glassworks website which you can find here.

The Gelatoworks side of the building keeps the charm of the 100 year old building with hard wood floors, exposed brick walls and a door that leads into the Glassworks.  Yes, for a few hours each day, you can stand on a catwalk and watch glassblowers at work which, of course, we did.

After watching the show for a little while, we headed back into the gelato part of the building.  It’s incredibly hot up on the catwalk and by now, we really needed some gelato.

They have a number of unique flavors that rotate daily, but even a picky ice cream eater like me could find a couple that sounded delicious.

A couple of the ladies I was with tried a couple of different flavors before settling on a small cup for one and a small cone for the other.

As for me, I was going back and forth between Tahitian Vanilla and Peanut Butter with Chips.  Should be no big surprise, but I went with the Peanut Butter.

I went with the medium cup which actually a little deceiving.  It looks small, but they really take care of you.  Once the cup is full, they put a little cookie in for garnish….and it has a practical use as a spoon should you want to eat your spoon.

The three of us got gelato for just under $9 and we all agreed that it was delicious.

Water Street Gelatoworks is a really interesting concept.  Sharing the building with the Glassworks is a great idea to get people interested in arts….and what better place to pair with a glass blowing place which is really hot than a gelato shop..

Peanut Butter w/Chips Gelato

Water Street Gelatoworks on Urbanspoon

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