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Texas Roadhouse – Portage

August 23, 2010

  • 7039 S. Westnedge Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49002
  • (269) 323-7427
  • Website
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There’s not many places that I crave because of the free bread you get before meals.  Texas Roadhouse is one of those places.

J and I were talking about dinner this past Friday.  We were going to head downtown for the Rock For Kids later in the evening but because it was hot and humid, we didn’t want to spend all night outside.  Instead, we decided to find a nice air conditioned place for dinner.

Not sure what started the craving, but I really wanted Texas Roadhouse rolls.  I offered up the suggestion to J and she didn’t object.

The Texas Roadhouse in Portage is on South Westnedge just south of Romence Road in front of the Sam’s Club.  The parking lot for the restaurant is surprisingly small.  We don’t drive a tank, but it sure felt hard to get in to one of the spots.  Sure, we could have walked to the Sam’s Club parking lot as others were doing, but instead we found a spot on the backside. I say backside because the entrance is on the north side of the building and not the side of the building that faces Westnedge. 

I’m always hesitant of these places on Friday nights, but even with a pretty crowded dining room, things seemed to run smoothly.  We were greeted by a hostess who passed us off to one of the “seaters” who grabbed a basket of warm rolls of the counter near the kitchen were they display the rolls, bags of peanuts and cuts of beef for all to see.

The two of us were taken to a table all the way in the back of the restaurant for a booth for two.  The center of this room was dominated by a large party which is almost always a bad thing.  Large parties in places like this usually have no regard for anyone around them.  This one wasn’t bad, but they were still loud and yelling across the five tables to people on the other end.

Our waitress came to get drink orders while I greedily grabbed a roll and some of the amazing cinnamon butter.  I had to stop stuffing my face to put in my order for a Coke.  I didn’t even glance at the drink menu because I just wanted rolls.  J went with a margarita.

We split the four rolls on the table and snacked on peanuts while we waited on our food.  That’s really my two favorite things about Texas Roadhouse.

For dinner, I went with the Bacon Cheeseburger.  The 1/2 lb fresh ground chuck comes on a “Texas-sized bun” with cheddar cheese and strips of bacon.  The sandwich is nothing specials even by chain restaurant standards, but it was a solid burger.  The sandwich came with steak fries on the side which are large wedges of seasoned potatoes.  Very yummy and very filling.  I felt stuffed the rest of the night which is always what I like about the casual dining chains.

J got the Chicken Critter Salad.  This huge plate of romaine hearts comes with crispy chicken strips, jack and cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, and egg.  She left the last two off.  Even before the plate was set down on the table she knew she’d be asking for a take home container.  The salad was huge, so she decided not to pour the honey mustard dressing on all the greens to prevent wilting.  She seemed to really enjoy the salad and she almost never gets chicken on her salad.  These chicken strips were actually very good and fried in a batter which made them even better.  When we got home, I stole a few pieces of the chicken with the hopes she would never notice.

While we were eating, the waitress came back with another basket of bread.  This time, we ate two and threw two in the to-go box for later.  I actually have a copycat recipe that I have made a few times that turns out rolls fairly close to what you get in the restaurant.  They’re a little time consuming and not quite a “30-Minute Meal.”

Our bill was close to $30, but a big chunk of that was J’s drink.  As we were finishing up our  meal, the large group next to us was leaving.  Another case of good timing.

Texas Roadhouse delivers on what I want them to deliver on.  I crave the rolls and that’s why I usually choose the place.  They’re supposed to be known for their BBQ, but I’ve never had the energy to try the ribs.  The rest of the menu is pretty standard casual dining fare and they do it well….but the rolls….oh, man.

Texas Roadhouse Rolls w/Cinnamon Butter

Bacon Cheeseburger w/Steak Fries

Chicken Critter Salad

Texas Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

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  1. Garry permalink
    August 24, 2010 8:13 am

    I also love the rolls & Peanuts!

    I have eaten in the Texas Roadhouses in Elkart, Fort Wayne & South Bend, all of their’s Parking Lots were small also!

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