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Rave Motion Picture Cityplace 14

August 5, 2010

  • 180 Portage Street
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49007
  • (269) 381-5732
  • Website

Work is going to take the place of date night this week.  Usually, J and I can spend Friday night doing something together, but there are a lot of people on vacation at my workplace and I’m picking up extra hours.

Since we’re not going to have time together this weekend, J decided to make Wednesday afternoon date night.  It’s the last time for a week that we’ll get to see each other for more than an hour due to our conflicting work schedules.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a movie so J said she’d go to whatever movie I wanted to.  I could have picked Inception or maybe Toy Story 3 or Despicable Me, but I went for something I thought we’d both enjoy.  Dinner For Schmucks.

We’ve only been to one movie since moving to Kalamazoo and that one was at Celebration Cinema Crossroads.  I checked movie times there and they were later in the afternoon so I checked out the other theaters to see if there was an earlier showing.

The Rave Motion Picture Cityplace 14 had a 1:00 showing of the movie so that’s what we chose. 

The theater is on Portage and South Streets in downtown Kalamazoo.  I didn’t even mess with street parking since we would have been over the two hour parking limit.  I headed straight for the parking ramp on South Street.  I expected just to pay for parking, but in a nice surprise, the movie theater validates and parking is actually free.  I was pretty happy to see that and wondered how many people would actually choose the downtown theater if the prices were the same and you had to pay parking.

It has been a while since I’ve been in a Rave theater.  We did have one open when I was in Peoria, but by that point, I had stopped going to movies two or three times weekly like I did in college.  I did go a couple times right after it opened and enjoyed the experience.  It was a huge improvement over the theaters already in town.

The Rave Cityplace 14 has the same general feel to it as my past experience in a Rave theater.  There is a huge lobby with ticket windows, but since we were going to a weekday matinee, those windows were closed and tickets were being sold at the concession counter.

We weren’t the only ones to have the idea of going to a movie on this incredibly humid and muggy day.  We got there about 12:50 and were a little surprised to find a line.  None of them were going to the same movie.  It was a bunch of families.  We got our tickets which cost $6.50 a piece.  That’s the matinee price.  The nighttime price is $8.25.

After getting tickets, we had to get lunch.  Yes, lunch.  Not the healthiest lunch in the world, but a very tasty one.

We picked up a large popcorn, two large Cokes and a bag of Peanut Butter M & M’s.  That set us back about $20, so our total for an afternoon movie was about $30.  Not a cheap date, but cheaper than if we had gone on a Friday night.

The thing we always liked about Celebration Cinemas was that everything was a kind of serve yourself.  They gave you the popcorn then you went to a station where you could butter and salt it the way you like.  The same is done with drinks.  They gave you a cup and you fill it up.  That way you can refill during the movie and not have to go back to the counter.  At Rave, they do all that for you.  It’s not a huge deal.  The kid working went heavy on the butter which is exactly what we would have done too.

Where Rave really stands above the competition is the auditorium.  There were only two other guys in the theater when we walked in, so we had our choice of seats.  We went about half way up on the stadium seats and sat down in what has to be the most comfortable movie theater seats I’ve ever sat in.

The seats are high back and recline slightly.  There is a wide arm rest and a wide aisle between you and the seat in front of you.  I’m really surprised neither of us fell asleep because the chairs were so comfy.

The movie itself was alright.  We’re both huge fans of Steve Carell, but the actual dinner part of the movie was only about 20 minutes of a hour and fifty minute movie.  It was a lot more of a romantic comedy with a bumbling sidekick than I was expecting.  The middle really dragged, but there were some really funny parts and no toilet humor.

The RMP Cityplace 14 is a really nice theater.  While we like the concession stand at Celebration better, Rave is much more comfortable.  It’s a little harder to get downtown and park, but I think next time we decide to go to a movie, we’ll have a tough decision to make on which theater to go to.

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