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Penn Station East Coast Subs – Portage

July 19, 2010

  • 6778 S. Westnedge Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49002
  • (269) 366-4583
  • Website
  • Menu

Where did this place come from?  Seriously.  About two weeks ago, J and I went to the mall to pick up some gifts for our nieces.  As we were walking out of the mall, J said she wanted Penn Station for lunch.  Since the Westnedge ramps are closed from that direction, I went out the back entrance of the mall and took Romence to Oakland to the Interstate so we could get to the store out on West Main.  The very next day, J was driving down Westnedge and noticed there was a new Penn Station in Portage.  Don’t know how we missed it or if we just missed it by a day, but something very dangerous has moved much closer to home.

J and I don’t usually visit the same restaurant more than once or twice.  We just like finding new places.  Penn Station is one of the few places that keeps us coming back.  It’s not for the sandwiches though.  It’s for the extra’s.

The newest Penn Station East Coast Subs location is on South Westnedge at JL Hudson Drive right in front of the Crossroads Mall.  There’s a little shopping area that is also home to a Qdoba and Biggby, but the Penn Station is in a different free standing building.

J and I got up on Sunday before I had to go to work starving, but neither of us had any clue of what we actually wanted to eat.  We mulled it over for a few minutes before I finally blurted out, “Penn Station.”  I had about 45 minutes before I actually had to leave for work which I thought would give me enough time to at least go pick up sandwiches and take a shower before trekking to Grand Rapids.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought Penn Station sounded good.  The place was packed.  Just about all the tables inside the restaurant were full and there was a line forming at the order area.

We got in line pretty much knowing what we wanted.  The guy taking the orders was flying through getting the orders in the system.  The big reason J and I go to Penn Station is the fries and the lemonade.  Sandwiches are kind of an after thought.  I ordered an 8″ Chicken Parmesan and J got a 6″ Dagwood.  The Dagwood is a build your own sandwich that she loaded with veggies, ham, and spicy brown mustard.  We both got a medium order of fries and J got a large lemonade.

After putting in your order at the front of the line, you head down the counter to pay.  Our bill was a little over $17.  The cashier handed J a glass for the lemonade which she then filled with ice and handed back to have filled up.  They keep the fresh squeezed lemonade behind the counter.  It’s a little weird because you take your glass, put ice in it, then hand it back to be filled, but we’ve done it enough, J knows the procedure.

The kitchen staff was cranking out sandwiches as fast as they could, but they were really overwhelmed.  It took at least fifteen minutes for my name to be called.  When I was handed the bag of food, J suggested I look in it to make sure everything was there.  Things were so frantic in the kitchen, she thought it was possible something was forgotten.  She was right.  We were missing a fry.  I checked the order slips to make sure we ordered two and we did so I went back to the counter and asked for the missing fry.  It was quickly taken care of and we were on our way.

Since I had to get to work, I had to eat in the car.  The fries, again, were delicious and perfect in every way.  The sandwich was pretty good, but like I’ve said so many times before, the sandwiches are just alright.  There’s nothing wrong with them, except this time, mine wasn’t toasted all that well and the bread was pretty chewy.  Not a huge issue and not a reason I wouldn’t go back.

J ate hers at home after I left.  She said the spicy mustard was a bad choice.  They put so much on it was burning her nose.  I don’t know if we’re weird people or what, but whenever we go to a sandwich place and ask for condiments, they seem to way overdue it.  Do people like that?  Anyway, she loved the fries and really loved the lemonade.  Just a few days earlier, both she and one of her co-workers, in separate conversations, compared those two items to fair food and who doesn’t have memories of going to the county fair and getting a cone of fresh cut fries or a lemon shake-up?

J and I are both big fans of Penn Station Subs.  I never thought I would like a chain as much as I do this one.  I could seriously live off the fries and have contemplated many times just ordering a large one and calling it lunch.  The good thing is, the sandwiches are solid, so you do end up getting a pretty good meal.  I’m scared now that this one is so close to home that we may never eat anywhere else.

Fresh Cut Fries

8" Chicken Parmesan Sub

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