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Fruit Acres Farm Market & U-Pick

July 12, 2010

  • 3452 Friday Road
  • Coloma, MI 49038
  • (269) 468-3668
  • Website

J and I made a quick trip, a very quick trip, home to see our new niece who was born last Saturday.  With me working weekends, we didn’t know when we’d be able to get home, so when J got off work Friday, we rushed three hours home to see her and her older sister.

On the way home Saturday morning, J asked how long the Kalamazoo Farmer’s Market was open.  She wanted to pick up some stuff for the week, but we didn’t know how many vendors would be left when she could get there around 1:00.

It just so happened that we were having this conversation as we were passing a billboard for Fruit Acres Farm & U-Pick.  She asked if I would mind stopping there instead of waiting until we got back to Kalamazoo.  We were way ahead of schedule, so I pulled off the Interstate.

Fruit Acres has a roadside stand right off of I-94 at the Coloma exit.  When you’re coming from the west, the stand is directly in front of you when you come off the ramp.  It’s a small, open air building that is packed full with fresh fruits and veggies.

We were on the hunt for a couple items.  J really wanted some fresh raspberries and we found those without a problem.  We’ve also been looking everyone for the last couple days for anyone that has fresh Michigan strawberries left.  Last month, my parents came to see us and went home with a flat of fresh strawberries.  They said my two year old niece ate those like there was no tomorrow.  She got hooked on strawberries one other time when they came to see us, but that was because of it was in lemonade and covered with sugar.  They hadn’t had much luck getting her to eat strawberries without the sugar until my mom brought the Michigan one’s home.

We couldn’t find any fresh strawberries at Fruit Acres, but they did have some frozen ones.  We were tempted to pick up a bag, but ultimately decided not to.  Frozen is not a bad option.  We just didn’t know how they would go over with a two year old.

One other thing we found were some Michigan peaches.  J picked up a box at first, but remarked most of them would probably go bad.  I noticed some on another shelf that were being sold by the pound so we picked up just what she would eat.

The rest of the space was filled with just about everything imaginable including a large selection of jams, jellies, honey, salsa, and pickled vegetables.  I looked at a few, but passsed.  I still have salsa in the fridge that I haven’t touched yet .

We didn’t need a whole lot, but we got what we needed for the week.  After we finished looking, we headed to the check out to pay.  The raspberries and peaches were just a little over seven bucks and should last J through the week.

We travel that stretch of I-94 quite often and my family always loves it when we bring home fresh Michigan produce.  In fact, my parents have even stopped at Fruit Acres before.  It’s amazing what an Interstate billboard can do.  It’s gotten us to stop at several places and helped us find some great spots in the Michigan countryside.  Fruit Acres is everything you want from a local farm.

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  1. Azita permalink
    August 9, 2015 11:48 pm

    I, along with my friends, visited this farm for peach picking. We picked many pounds of peaches; I personally picked about 16 pounds myself in my second transaction. We were carrying very heavy bags of peaches; I didn’t have my wallet with me on my second transaction. We decided to stop at a nearby picnic table for rest. My friends and I didn’t get a chance to breathe when an aggressive employee approached us and accused us of stealing with NO evidence whatsoever. We explained the situation to him but it was very obvious that he was approaching us with a prejudice attitude. Exhausted from carrying the heavy bag of peaches, my friend and I quickly ran to get our wallets because this employee took my bag and ran off with it. Being rushed, I couldn’t find my wallet quick enough and my friend again paid for me. We caught up to this employee and I sarcastically thanked him for unnecessarily carrying my bag. He turned back to me and called me a (female dog) straight to my face and in front of my friends. When we got to the cash register we called out this employee for calling me a (female dog) and he cowardly denied it, even though I have witnesses to his shameful act. The business owner apologized for our inconvenience, however I was never apologized for being called a “(female dog)” or a “thief”. During this discourse a couple of other employees, whom we feel also exhibited prejudice, accused us of stealing in an earlier transaction, again with NO evidence. We never had any issues in our first transaction and we had the receipts to prove it. At this moment, the business owner’s wife (or at least we believe it to be) yelled at us to get off her property. We were firm to prove that we have receipts and we gave them freedom to search our car (something we should have called police authorities to do). This business refused to be proven wrong and stood by their accusation of calling us thieves while one employee called me a (female dog). We had registered a complaint with the BBB on this matter.
    NOTE: They used a profane word instead of female dog.

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