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The Real Deal: Classic Burgers & Shakes – Kalamazoo

June 18, 2010

  • 2901 Howard Street
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49006
  • (269) 343-6755
  • Website
  • Menu

Continuing my bachelor themed weekend, I slept in late, rented a movie and headed out to get burgers for lunch.  A few weeks ago, I blogged about a new burger place in Portage.  I mentioned then that they really don’t have anything for J since all they do is burgers.  Since she’s out of town, I figured this was my chance to check out the second location in Kalamazoo.

The Real Deal:  Classic Burgers & Shakes is only a few weeks old.  My first visit to the Portage store was back on June 4th just a few days after they opened.  I really liked the burger and fries I had that day and have been looking for an opportunity to go back.

The Kalamazoo location of The Real Deal is in the Campus Pointe Mall on the corner of Howard Street and Michigan Avenue near the campus of Western Michigan University.  The restaurant takes up a corner location in the same strip that hosts Pop’s Italian Beef and Geno’s Pizza.

One of my only complaints about the Portage location was the way the space was set up.  I felt that the order counter infringed too much on the tables near it and it could lead to some uncomfortable situations during peak times.  The Kalamazoo store has a much better setup.  There are two entrances.  One on each side of the building.  The entrance that is on the Howard Street leads you in to the dining room.  The entrance on the Michigan Avenue side brings you right to the order counter which fronts the open kitchen where you can see your food being prepared.  The menu board is actually off to the left and somewhat hidden.  They do have paper menus on the counter as well. 

It was a little later in the afternoon when I stopped in.  Kind of between the lunch and dinner rush.  I was the only customer in the store, but there was no shortage of activity.  There were at least three or four people that looked like managers and a whole army of crew members preparing for the evening rush.  A radio station was pulling up as I was leaving, so they were really expecting a pretty big crowd later in the evening.

I didn’t stray from the order from my last visit.  I got the Classic Burger with cheese and an order of Classic Seasoned Fries.  The cheese is not one of the “classic toppings” and is $.75 extra.  Last time, I also added bacon which is extra.  I decided to leave that off this time.

The burgers are made fresh using fresh, hand crafted sirloin patties, so it takes a few minutes for the order to come up.  I got it packaged up to go and less than ten minutes later I was handed a bag and on my way.

The burger at the Kalamazoo location was just as good as it was in Portage.  There are two patties on a very dense bun.  The cheese is perfectly melted into the meat.  The burger is very juicy and very tender.

The fries are fresh cut fries that are seasoned with some kind of season salt.  I tried really hard not to eat in my truck on the way home, but it was really hard not to.  I did give in to the temptation and pull a few out of the bag before making it home.

Last time I compared Real Deal to Five Guys and I’ve heard that comparison a lot in the weeks since.  There are a lot of similarities, but Real Deal has one big thing over Five Guys….they’re right here in Southwest Michigan.  The burgers are delicious.  The fries are delicious.  I still think they price is a little high, but it is quality food.  Anytime J can’t join me for lunch, you know where I’m heading.

Classic Burger w/Cheese

Classic Seasoned Fries

The Real Deal: Classic Burgers & Shakes on Urbanspoon

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  1. Alyssa Longhurst permalink
    June 29, 2010 8:29 pm

    Where can I fill out an application for you guys? I would love to work at The Real Deal and have a very open schedule. I am available all hours, everyday. I have worked in the food (serving) industry for a little over a year now and love it. I can give more information if you would like. hope to hear from you guys soon!


  2. Eric Kincaid permalink
    September 10, 2010 11:18 pm

    LOL! —^

    I stopped into the portage location and had a strawberry shake. It was okay; morel like soft serve ice cream mixed with strawberries…. The burgers looked plain and overpriced to me. I am not the restaurant burger connoisseur that you are, though.

    • SW Michigan Dining permalink*
      September 14, 2010 1:50 pm

      A little overpriced…I’m won’t argue that point. The burgers are good…I don’t like a lot of frills…just good meat and good bread. That makes me happy..

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