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Bell’s Brewery Voluntary Recall

June 1, 2010

I saw this message on Bell’s Brewery Twitter We stand behind all of our beers in fair weather or otherwise. Contact us @ the brewery if you have questions.

Which led me to the following statement on

Two Hearted Ale Withdrawal – Batches 9663 & 9674

June 01, 2010

Bell’s Brewery, Inc. is announcing the voluntary withdrawal from the market of two specific batches of Two Hearted Ale, 9663 and 9674. Bottled on 4/5/10 and 4/12/10, respectively, these two batches of Two Hearted Ale have become sour and unpalatable. There is no food safety concern: the flaw only affects the flavor of the beer. We have identified & isolated the problem that affected these two bottling runs. No other packaging runs were similarly affected.

Our distribution partners are working closely with our own sales staff to remove all of this beer from the market. Consumers who have purchased Two Hearted Ale from batches 9663 or 9674 are encouraged to return them to the retailer for an exchange or, where legal, a refund. The four digit batch number is printed on the back label of the bottles in a rectangular white box.

Customers who experience difficulty returning beers or have questions should e-mail us at We stand behind all of our beers and will do what we can to resolve the situation on your behalf.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. We strive to exceed expectations with our beers, and we are deeply sorry that we came up short in this instance and allowed these batches to slip through our quality control measures. New procedures have already been put into effect to prevent repeat incidents.


Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

You’d never see the large brewers do that for a taste issue.  Kudos to Bell’s for putting customers first.

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