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Fieldstone Grill

May 31, 2010

  • 3970 W. Centre Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49024
  • (269) 321-8480
  • Website
  • Menu

This weekend, I put a question on Twitter asking for someplace with good outdoor dining.  I got a couple replies telling me to go to Fieldstone Grill.  I had considered it, but I actually had other plans for that particular restaurant.

Last Friday, I got an e-mail from Millennium Restaurants with a coupon for “Millennium Memorial Day.”  It’s a promotion that is similar to the Millennium Monday’s that they did in March.  40% off your purchase.

J got off work around 12:30 and we headed down US-131 to the Centre Avenue exit.  Fieldstone Grill is in the Woodbridge Shopping Village not far from the highway.  Since it was a Monday and a holiday, not much else in the center was open.  Parking is in a huge lot right in front of the entrance and there was no shortage of space.

We were a little after the lunch rush, but not the only people enjoying the space.  We were met by a hostess who took us through the dining room to a table near the large picture windows overlooking a field.  J said the decor reminded her of the hunting lodges they used to eat at when they took vacations to northern Wisconsin….minus the dead animals on the wall.  Fieldstone does have the feel of a lodge with it’s high vaulted ceilings and exposed wood beam frame.

Like all of the Millennium restaurants, Fieldstone is a little more upscale than the typical bar.  The furniture is all solid wood.  The napkins are actual cloth and drinks aren’t served in pint glasses.  The hostess filled our water glasses while we waited on our server.  When he got there, we put in our order for Coke’s and continued to look over the menu.

We actually considered Fieldstone as an option last Thursday (before I got the coupon), but the dinner menu looks a little fancy for us.  We both could have found something we would have loved, but instead opted for a sports bar.  The lunch menu is more our style with a number of sandwiches, salads, and pizzas.

I actually considered a pizza for a while, but went with my old standby the Blue Burger.  The sandwich is a burger patty topped with blue cheese butter, carmelized onions, lettuce, and tomato on a ciabatta roll.  I left the onions off.  The bun was fantastic.  It was really the tipping point when I decided on the burger over the pizza.  I love ciabatta and this roll was fantastic.  The burger was cooked perfectly to medium even though my plate made it look like it was much rarer.  There was quite a bit of juice that had leaked out of the meat an on to the plate creating a red pool, but the meat itself was perfectly cooked.  A weaker roll would have caved and disintegrated under the pressure, but the crusty ciabatta roll held up to the juicy burger.  The blue cheese butter was perfect.  The butter had started melting by the time I got it adding to the mixture of juice on the plate leaving a very tangy and delicious blue cheese mound to hold the bread in place.

J ordered the Four Cheese Panini.  Her sandwich was sourdough bread stuffed with cheddar, provolone, fresh mozzarella, and Parmesan cheeses with a basil pesto sauce.  Her sandwich was quite large and more than she could eat in one sitting.  She loved the bread saying it was perfect for the panini press.  She ate half of her sandwich and boxed the other half up for a later meal.

Both of our sandwiches came with a choice of side.  We both went with fries which were hand cut, skin on fries that were perfect.  Mine were served in a little cup alongside the burger.  J’s were served on the plate.  They were a little softer than what J usually likes, but she said the fries were really well done and couldn’t get enough of them.

Before the discount, our bill was right around $21.  After the coupon, it was a little over $14.  Our meal was worth much more than $14.  Fieldstone Grill is a place I’ve been wanting to go to and for the second time, the employee discount coupon has gotten us in to a Millennium Restaurant.

There’s not much I could say bad about Fieldstone.  It’s a great atmosphere with a really good menu.  It’s got something for everyone in a space that makes for a great special night out.

Blue Burger w/Fries

Four Cheese Panini w/Fries

Fieldstone Grill on Urbanspoon

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