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Press Release – White Castle Scented Candle

May 4, 2010

Do people really like the smell of White Castle that much?  The smell kind of makes a little nauseous, but it is for a good cause.  From a White Castle press release.


Burger-and-onion-scented candle from Nest Fragrances infuses the home
with the steam-grilled aroma of America’s first fast-food hamburger

COLUMBUS, Ohio – To commemorate its 18th annual celebration of National Hamburger Month, White Castle has teamed up with Laura Slatkin, founder of Nest Fragrances, often called the “queen” of home fragrances, to introduce a candle with the steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions scent of America’s first fast-food hamburger. Packaged in a ceramic holder that reproduces the signature cardboard sleeve of the White Castle hamburger packaging, the candles are available in select White Castle restaurants and at White Castle’s online store at Candles sell for $10 each, with net proceeds benefiting Autism Speaks.

“Starting today, no true Craver’s castle will be complete without a The Original Slider®-scented candle,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president of corporate relations. “We expect the first run of 10,000 candles to be snapped up quickly during National Hamburger Month, May 1 – 31.”

He said the idea for the candle was sparked when company executives met Laura Slatkin, who sits on the board of Autism Speaks.

“We wanted to do something special for our loyal Cravers during National Hamburger Month while exploring a new way to support a great cause,” Richardson said. “Laura has launched fragrances for such fashion luminaries and celebrities as Vera Wang, Elton John and Princess Diana, we believed Laura and Nest Fragrances was ready to take on the challenge of reproducing the signature beef-and-onion scent that has inspired the cravings of millions of customers from all over the world.”

“When I think of truly superior aromas, I think of the aroma of a freshly grilled White Castle hamburger — life just doesn’t get better than that,” Slatkin said. “We have captured that exact essence in our White Castle candle!”

Established in 1921 and the nation’s first fast-food hamburger chain, White Castle has been the official sponsor of National Hamburger Month since 1992.

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