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Geno’s Golden Pizza

April 16, 2010

  • 2937 Howard Street
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49006
  • (269) 488-1711
  • Website
  • Menu

Remember that cold I talked about in yesterday’s post?  Yeah?  I think I gave it to J.  Well, that is, if it really is a cold.  If it’s allergies, it’s not my fault.  Either way, her throat was sore and she wanted a Slurpee.  I wanted pizza.  I found a way to get both and not drive all over the place.

Geno’s Golden Pizza is on Howard Street in the strip mall behind the Campus Pointe Mall.  It sits right next to another one of my favorite guy food joints, Pop’s Italian Beef.   This store in Kalamazoo is the newer of the two Geno’s locations.  The original is in Pachment.  Picking up pizza from Geno’s worked well with our foray out 0f the house.  J really wanted a Slurpee and there was a 7-Eleven just across the street on the corner of Michigan and Howard.

I looked up Geno’s menu online and called in my order.  The pizza is pretty reasonably priced, so I ordered a large with bacon on the whole thing and pepperoni on half.  I wasn’t aware of this when I ordered but in the window, they have a sign for buy one pizza get one free everyday.  Had I know that, I could have gotten two pizzas for twelve bucks.  I don’t see it advertised anywhere else including on their website.  The sign is kind of hidden near the top of the window, so I’m guessing it’s not something they actively promote, but if you notice it, good for you.

Our pizza took about twenty-five minutes which is about enough time for us to make another stop or two and get to Geno’s not long after our pizza comes out of the oven.  When I got there, two other people were in line in front of me.  The first lady couldn’t make up her mind then couldn’t find a credit card that worked.  The second guy just wanted change for a twenty.  Weird place to do that, but whatever.  It took close to ten minutes once I got in the store through no fault of anyone working just to get my pizza and get out the door.

After a quick Slurpee stop, we headed home.  When I opened the box, I found a pretty familiar pizza.  The outer crust was a very thick handle.  It reminded me a lot of Papa John’s.  J even mentioned that it would have been nice if some kind of dipping sauce was included because other wise, you’re eating a very thick piece of bread.

The bottom crust was soft and a little soggy.  Again, pretty common for the type of pizza it was.  We both thought it was pretty good, but I couldn’t give you any real specific on why I thought so.

Two things we did like were the bacon and the doneness.  When we go home to Chicago, we order pizza “well-done.”  What that means in pizza-speak is a very brown, crispy cheese.  Some people call it burnt.  We call it delicious.  I guess that’s where the “Golden” part of their name comes in.   The bacon was deliciously crispy and there was a lot of it.

While I was waiting to pick up my pizza, I did notice that almost everything was hand made.  Dough was stretched out by hand and even the breadsticks were hand cut.

I already mentioned we both liked Geno’s.  It’s not really our style of pizza, but for the type of pizza it is, it was pretty tasty.  Since it’s not the super thin crust we prefer, I don’t know if we would hike across town to get it again, but if we lived in the area, it is a good alternative or at least something to put in to the rotation.

Large Bacon and Pepperoni Pizza

Large Bacon and Pepperoni Pizza

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  1. April 17, 2010 2:09 am

    I was very happy when this location opened as their menu stretches quite a bit beyond pizza and we now have a place that delivers potato skins, burgers, chicken sandwiches, ribs, etc. Of course you’re a bit far to make that work for you, but it’s a nice option for those of us near campus.

    • SW Michigan Dining permalink*
      April 17, 2010 12:06 pm

      Thanks for mentioning that…I meant to write something about the huge variety on the menu.

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