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Entertainment Hall at Soaring Eagle

April 12, 2010

  • 2395 S. Leaton Road
  • Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
  • (989) 775-7777
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Right after J and I started dating, we found a weekend to get away.  We found Rascal Flatts performing in St. Louis and since Peoria is only about three hours from there, we made our first get away together a weekend in downtown St. Louis.

The Rascal Flatts performance totally changed our mind about the band that night.  Going in, we were both fans.  Since then, I change the radio every time they come on.  It was awful.

There was a silver lining though.  Opening act Jason Aldean.

When we started looking for something to do this past weekend, I started checking casino websites to see if anyone was playing nearby.  I found Jason Aldean at Soaring Eagle.  We liked him last time, so an opportunity to see him again sounded like a good idea.

The performance was at the Entertainment Hall at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort.  Most casino’s come up with a good name for a concert venue.  Not Soaring Eagle.  They just keep it simple.  Entertainment Hall.

The auditorium-like room is on the south side of the Soaring Eagle complex.  It’s right next to the gaming floor and there’s even exits that dump you right out to the slots.

We ordered out tickets online a few weeks ago.  When I got on the Soaring Eagle website to look for them, I ran in to several pages that said “Sold Out.”  I went to the Star Ticket Plus website to see what would happen and there were still several seats left.  I clicked on two in the middle price range and had the  held at will call.

The box office is a counter just outside the door.  It looks more like an information booth, but my tickets were ready when we got there.

We filed into the Entertainment Hall which was already getting packed.  The seats are not permanent.  They’re chairs that are lined up in rows then each chair has a piece of paper on it with the section, row, and seat number.  The section numbers also hang above the chairs from the rafters.

Our seats were on the right side of the stage about half way down and right on the aisle.  I did that on purpose hoping that J would be able to see the whole night.  We’re not huge fans of standing through a whole concert, but at Soaring Eagle, you’re pretty much forced to.

The rise of the floor from the stage isn’t very dramatic, so if anyone in front of you stands, you’re going to have to as well.  The entire Hall stood for the whole show.  There just wasn’t any other choice.

The show was fantastic.  My parents saw Jason Aldean last summer at an outdoor venue and complained about the audio.  They were not impressed at all with him.  The sound inside the Entertainment Hall was great.  It was really easy to understand what was being said and sung.  We’ve been to quite a few concerts and I’d say the sound at Soaring Eagle was some of the best we’ve heard.  Aldean played for about an hour and twenty minutes with a two song encore.  He did a few covers.  Two from Bryan Adams whom he did a CMT Crossroads event with and one from Kid Rock which ended the show.  It sucks when you pay that much money for only one artist, but he did put on a show that didn’t make me feel like I was getting cheated.

Of course, the evening couldn’t be totally perfect.  There were two douchebags who decided they didn’t like their seats so they stood right in front of us in the aisle.  I grabbed the usher and asked her to move them.  She went up and asked for their tickets and they refused to give them to her.  Instead of getting rid of them, she turns towards us, points at me and says WE complained about them standing there.  So, they moved and stood in the aisle right next to J.  They talked through the whole concert and, of course, had too much to drink.  A little while later, another usher asked for their tickets.  Again, they refused to give them to her and again, the usher did nothing.  Come to find out, their tickets were in the back of the auditorium, but they didn’t want to watch it back their.  Their plan was to just walk closer to the stage, but usher were checking tickets just past our section, so that was as far as they could get.  Lucky us.  I intentionally bought aisle seats so we wouldn’t have to worry about people and the usher’s willingly did nothing after TWICE asking them where their seats were.

The Entertainment Hall at Soaring Eagle would have been a great venue had we not had two guys who were not in their seats talking during the whole show.  The sound was fantastic. Aldean put on a great show, but again, Soaring Eagle drops the ball on customer service.

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  1. christine merlino permalink
    January 15, 2011 9:41 pm

    I agree…The Soaring Eagle needs to update their seatting. After paying $85 Dollars to see “The Judds”…(people were NOT standing) and you could not see them because the people were too tall in front of you(and I am NOT short!)..GREAT performance.
    I did see Reba there about two years ago(inside) I was 6 rows from center stage, and “you could barely hear here”. Her tickets “were NOT cheap. We paid $150 EACH, and her performance was only 45 minutes long, she stayed in her “blue jeans”…Didn’t sing hardly any of her BEST work, and the “so called Dumb Blond Comendian, from her TV show was her “opening act”…It seems, the Soaring Eagle should require these stars perform “at LEAST”an hour. Especially at THAT price range. Jason Alden, put on an AWESOME show. His tickets were fair priced, and he was on a long time. Same with the Judds..Best show I have ever seen there. Almost 2 and a half hours, with a 20 minute intermission. I will NEVER pay to see “Reba” again…It cost us $300.dollars that night, for a “short, barely audable sound system. Shame on you Soaring eagle!. Then, when I wrote to complain, I never even got the “courtesy of a reply.”…We are just average hard working people. This was our anniversary night and a “lifelong dream” to see Reba. Totally disappointed ! It seems, the “bigger the star” , the higher the cost of a ticket,”the lesser of a show.”
    The soaring Eagle also did not seem prepared to handle all the customers who came out on New Years Eve(2010) Lines were a half hour long for a drink at the bar. We ordered “doubl shots”, and their alcohal is definitly “watered down”. I probably drink 5 times a year, so I would consider myself “a cheap date”. One drink normally gives me a “silly feeling”..I had a double” Southern Comfort Manhatten,” light on the dry vermouth…I did not even feel it…After waiting in line “another “half hour” I got my second drink of the evening….Still not the slightless buzz. My husband was drinking straight “scotch”(Glenfedic) (good brand) Same thing…Lots of people were complaining along with us. Even “bartender said there was “actually LESS” help that night. Parking lot was a mess too…Should have had someone out there “directing traffic” on a night like “New Years Eve.”…NEVER AGAIN!…Yes, it is a very nice hotel…But little by little, every year, it seems, they do not give you the service they need too. They are cutting corners. With all the new ones opening up in Michigan, they better “improve”. I can already see a “shift” in the calibar of people now going there. The tables are filled with people in their twenties, some looking as if they “just rolled out of bed”…5 years ago, those tables, and the people in the casinos were more “nicely dressed/neat.” I’ve noticed those people have moved more to the “northern casino in Petosky,Mi” or the new “Fire Keepers”. Food at the “buffet” is going downhill also. Lately, the sliced beef is always “over cooked, the chicken, “greasy”, the “Salad bar” a mess and one night all the desserts” were dry and stale.”.. I hope, someone from Management sees this letter. Will they care? Sadly, I “doubt it.”

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