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Logan’s Roadhouse – Portage

April 6, 2010

  • 6701 S. Westnedge Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49002
  • (269) 324-7940
  • Website
  • Menu

I was out of bed much earlier than usual this morning because some rodents did a little damage to the wiring in my truck.  I had to make the trip to Vicksburg since there are no Chrysler dealerships in Kalamazoo (still weird to me).  Not a big deal since it’s really not all that far from my place on the south side of Kalamazoo.

When I got home,  I was starving, but tired and not in the mood to cook.  I waited until J got home for work and threw out an option that is very unlikely.  Let’s go to a chain.

I’ve had mixed experiences at Logan’s Roadhouse in the past.  The first time I found the Nashville, TN chain was when they opened one of their first Illinois stores in East Peoria.  We actually had a really good experience and like the joint.  The next time we tried a Logan’s was in Lansing and it was the total opposite.  Slow, rude service and sub-par food.

I decided to give it another shot after seeing commercials for their “2 Full Meals for $14.99.”  They had some items that looked good to both of us, so we headed to lunch at the Portage store on South Westnedge next to the Target.  I did double-check before we left to make sure this Logan’s was running that special as not every store is doing it.  In Michigan, only the Portage and Holland stores are participating.

Logan’s is pretty stereotypical when it comes to chain “roadhouses.”  The stores have a rustic feel with wood plank floors, tall ceilings, and a carpet of peanut shells.

We were met by a hostess right inside the large foyer area that divides the smoking and non-smoking sections.  We took the non-smoking option and were shown to a booth along the outer wall.  The booths are on a platform which puts the server a little closer to eye level and there are actually two rows of the booths.  The second row kind of floats and is accessible from either side. 

The $14.99 menu is not part of the regular menu, but instead it was already on the table in the form of an insert in their drink and appetizer menu.  The deal is good all day Monday thu Wednesday and from 3-6 PM the rest of the week .  We started with drinks because we had to share the special menu as their was only one.  This gave us some time make our selection.  I just got a Coke but J went for one of their flavored lemonades. The waiter also brought us two of their from-scratch yeast rolls which spewed steam when we cut into them.  They were light and fluffy and very buttery.

When our waiter came back, we told him we were going to do the 2 for 14.99.  J started with the Southwest BBQ Chicken.  The deal is two full meals which means two sides.  J went with fries and a house salad with balsamic vinaigrette.   The salad came out first and very quickly.  It couldn’t have been more than five minutes after we ordered.  .  It was a pretty basic setup with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, carrots, and bacon bits.  She said it was the best salad she ever had, but only because she was so dang hungry.  It all seriousness, it was a good salad and a good meal starter.   To my surprise, the chicken was a pretty good portion size.  It was covered with BBQ sauce, pepperjack cheese, and tomatoes.  The chicken breast was scored with grill marks and had a good smokey flavor.  She ate about 3/4 of it before cutting off a piece for me to try.  I thought it was good, but would have been better in sandwich form.  The fries were skin on fries that were crispy and salty.  They were cooked just the way J likes them.

I ordered the Blue Cheese Sirloin which is very unlike me.  I almost never order steaks at restaurants, but I thought this would be a good value and a little over seven bucks.  For my sides, I also got a house salad, but with fat free Italian dressing and french fries.  The steak was pretty small, but nothing I can complain about for the price.  It’s a perfect lunch size portion and it was cooked to a perfectly bloody medium rare.  There was a great mesquite charcoal taste to the crust yet the inside was soft and tender.  The piece of sirloin was covered in slightly melted bleu cheese.  I’m going to guess the steak is their 6 oz sirloin which is a staple of their menu.

This trip to Logan’s was definitely a big improvement over our last trip…but just to be clear, it was a different store.  This is the first time we’ve been to the Portage Logan’s Roadhouse.  Our bill was a little over $21.  That’s about what we usually spend on lunch, but we got a lot more food than normal.  We both got salads and, of course, there’s the bottomless buckets of peanuts on the table.  We didn’t go nuts on them like we usually do, but it’s a good holdover between the salad and the entree.  I really have nothing to complain about.  We were happy with the food and the service plus, the price was right.

House Salad w/Fat Free Italian Dressing

Southwest BBQ Chicken w/Fries

Bleu Cheese Sirloin w/Fries

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  1. Garry Asmus permalink
    April 6, 2010 8:00 pm

    We been to the Logan’s in Mishawaka, 4 or 5 times over the years it been open. It has been good food for a chain and always good service!

  2. Pam permalink
    March 6, 2011 4:07 pm

    Went to Logans Roadhouse on westnedge to day, first time ever been there and it seemed like a nice place. There were 5 in our party, we were seated and placed our order and after 35 minutes our sever came by and said” hope you are still hungry cuz your order is like 4 tickets out … should be up soon…” 15 minutes later , still no food. As I sat at out table and started to complain to the rest of the party, another server walked by and took notice of our conversation, must have went back to the kitchen to check it out and got the manager involed because he was there in a flash with applogies and said our food was on the way and he would take care of us and make it right. Within a minute we had a whole group of servers with our food and refills around our table . The manager returned to ask about the food and told us that the whole meal was on him and hoped we would be back. A discount would have had us coming back , but the whole meal on the house… we will for sure be going back. The food was good and the servers were also.

  3. March 14, 2011 8:51 am

    Went to Logan’s in Portage,MI on 3/13/2011, a slow Sunday evening around 6pm.. waiter seemed more interested in talking with the hostess than serving us. The restaurant was NOT busy. I think they must ration their water, as it must be in short supply for the customers.
    This is the second time a waiter there has given sub-par service. I always give a tip..but the final straw was waiting for the waiter to come back to take my credit card.. I could not take the wait any longer and scrounged up enough cash to cover the bill.. too bad there was was not much left for a tip.. sorry 🙂
    I guess we are done with Logan’s, even though my daughter loves the place for some reason.. good thing there are other steakhouses in town.

    • Jerri permalink
      September 3, 2012 4:04 pm

      I agree with you. We went there today. Waitress was sub par and so was the food. And yes water must be a high commodity as at the end of the meal our waitress finally brought a refill. Our waitress must have been tired as she didn’t bother to ask me how I wanted my steak prepared, she just decided if my husband wanted his well done, than I must like the same. Which is a far cry from the truth…I like mine MR. The ketchup bottle was empty and the waitress never got around to bringing a new bottle. The whole experiences was terrible. We will never go back to a Login’s.

      • June 17, 2013 5:41 pm


  4. Docta'A EV permalink
    May 9, 2012 9:19 pm

    Did you get full of your meal?

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