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Hog Wild BBQ

March 20, 2010

  • 154 W. Lakewood Boulevard
  • Holland, MI 49424
  • (616) 394-9453
  • Website
  • Menu

I love it when I’m just driving around town, killing time, and find BBQ.  That happened today in Holland.

J got up bright and early this morning to judge a speech contest at Holland High School.  She had a ride there, but I decided to go pick her up.  We could do a little shopping at the GAP Outlet and find someplace to eat.  She has been to Holland before for work, but I never had, so it gave me some time to explore.

I got in town much earlier than I needed to so I headed to the mall, did a little shopping then just drove around.  I don’t know how I ended up on River Avenue on the north side of town, but I did.  I was really just driving aimlessly.  I was thinking about stopping for lunch, but kept putting it off because I was going to pick J up in an hour or two and we would head to lunch.  When I saw the sign for BBQ, I changed my mind.

Hog Wild BBQ is on the corner of Lakewood Boulevard and River Avenue just north of the Holland city limits.   The building is on a weird corner and it shares a building with a liquor store.  There is no way you can miss it though.  There’s a huge sign on the building and a crooked sign on a pole  near the intersection.  Plus, there are a couple HHR’s that have been decked out with Hog Wild’s logos parked out front.

I pulled in at an odd time, but there were a few people in the store that has seating for about thirty.  I headed to the counter to place my order. 

I noticed a special on sandwiches and went straight for that.  Since I love pulled pork, I got that in sandwich form which comes with a side and a drink for five bucks.  Hog Wild has three choices of sauces.  I went with the Spicy, but they also have a sweet and Carolina style.   As for the side, I went with the Mac & Cheese Pasta Salad.  I paid the bill which was just a little over five dollars with tax, grabbed my glass and filled up with Coke Zero while I waited on the sandwich.

It didn’t take long before my sandwich was wrapped in foil and put on a red plastic tray alongside a plastic container of Mac & Cheese.  I took a seat at one of the tables and ripped into the neatly wrapped sandwich.

The first thing I noticed is the sandwich comes heavily sauced.  I really prefer pulled pork to come dry and let me put the sauce on, but it really didn’t bother me too much because the sauce is actually really good.  It’s a thick, sweet tomato based sauce that has a slight kick to it.  The only problem with drenching the meat like this is you can’t really enjoy the smoke flavor of pork.  The sauce was good enough to drink straight from the bottle, but I really don’t know how good the meat is on its own.

I devoured the sandwich before opening the lid on the Mac & Cheese.  I wasn’t missing much.  The pasta is served cold and it’s got bits of what I think were either pork or bacon.  Either way, the chunks of meat were very chewy and the cold Mac & Cheese didn’t do much for me.  I ate about half of it, but that was all I could stomach.  It would have helped a lot of the Mac & Cheese had been warm….even if it was just nuked.

Hog Wild BBQ is a great value.  I’m still amazed that I got some quality BBQ as cheap as I did.  The sauce is fantastic.  It’s definitely one of the better sauces I’ve had, but I really like the sweet sauces and this was really sweet.  The sandwich as a whole was delicious, but I would have liked to taste a little more meat.  Had J been with me, it would have been a perfect sandwich for her.  She a big fan of drowning the meat in sauce and that’s how this sandwich is.  Hog Wild is definitely worth finding if you’re in the area.  It’s quick, it’s cheap, and it’s quality.  The side was pretty disappointing, but the drinkable sauce made it worth the stop.

Pulled Pork Sandwich w/Spicy BBQ Sauce

Mac & Cheese Pasta Salad

Hog Wild BBQ on Urbanspoon

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