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Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

March 15, 2010

  • 510 S. Paw Paw Street
  • Lawrence, MI 49064
  • (269) 674-3159
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

Our long weekend was finally over and J and I headed back to southwest Michigan.  Around Benton Harbor,  J said she wanted to stop and eat on the way so we didn’t have to cook when we got home.  I told her to tell me when to pull off and I would.

Just outside of Lawrence, she said she wanted Mexican.  I asked real Mexican or Taco Bell Mexican.  I had a feeling there weren’t going to be a lot of Mexican places before we got back to Kalamazoo. 

J turned on her GPS to see what was around and actually found a Mexican place three miles from where we were at.  We seem to be hit or miss with the GPS.  Most of time, the restaurant we go looking for is long gone, but since it was close to the highway, we decided to give it a shot.

We got off I-94 at the Lawrence exit and headed towards town.  Just after we got inside the Village limits, I was somewhat amazed to see a for the restaurant we were looking for.

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant is just on the south side of town at the corner of Paw Paw Street and County Road 215.  The building sits on kind of an angle as the two roads make a “v.”  There are a few parking spots right in front, but most of the parking is along the side of the building.  To our surprise, there were a number of cars in the parking lot on this Monday night.

When you open the door, you come right to two cash registers.  To either side is a dining room.  We headed to the dining room to the right and took a seat at a booth near the door.  The menus were already on the table, but a waitress noticed us right away and headed to the kitchen to get some chips and salsa.  When she came back, we ordered our drinks which were a Coke and a lemonade.  We weren’t quite ready to order yet, so she gave us a few more minutes.

The menu is typical Mexican fare, but it’s not huge like most Mexican restaurants.  At a pretty modest five pages, the menu has a few combo plates, dinners, and à la carte options. 

I don’t really like rice and beans, so I went with the à la carte option and got four tacos.  Two of those tacos were ground beef on corn tortillas.  The other two were chorizo on corn tortillas.  Our plates were brought out mere minutes after we put our order in and the food look delicious on the plate.  The star of the meal to me was the homemade corn tortilla.  They were soft and flaky yet still had a little bit of char from the grill.  Each taco was wrapped in two tortillas then the filling was piled on top.  The ground beef taco had lettuce, tomato, and cheese.  The chorizo taco had lettuce, onion, and cilantro.  Both were equally delicious even though I had to pull some toppings off each of them.  The tomatoes were big enough that I could pick them out whole and so were the onions on the chorizo tacos.  While the filling was delicious, I could have eaten the corn tortillas by themself.  They were delicious. 

J went with a combo platter and got a corn taco with chicken, a quesadilla, and tostada with chicken.  Her meal also came with the rice and beans.  Like me, she was really impressed with the corn tortilla, but she liked everything on her plate.  The quesadilla was a flour tortilla just filled with cheese, so she really got to compare the two tortilla types and the corn easily won.  She ate all of the taco, quesadilla, and tostada after picking off some of the chicken, but only ate a little of the sides.  I saw her dipping some chips in the beans, but she didn’t make a comment about either one. 

When we were finished, the waitress told us our check was at the counter and we could pay whenever. The bill was just under twenty bucks and our detour only cost us about a half hour.  About the time we were leaving, the place started getting packed.  The dining room quickly went from just a few tables to almost full….something I wouldn’t expect in a small town, but I was happy to see we accidently found one of the better Mexican joints in Southwest Michigan. 

Corn Tortilla w/Chorizo

Taco, Quesadilla, Tostada Combination Plate

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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