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Taco Bob’s – Centre Avenue

February 28, 2010

  • 126 E. Centre Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49002
  • (269) 978-0036
  • Website
  • Menu

It’s the time of week where we really need to go grocery shopping.  J started looking through the cabinets trying to find something for lunch, but came up empty-handed.  She laid back down on the couch defeated and hungry.  I, again, brought up tacos.  I was just going to go to a Taco Bell, but J asked about Taco Bob’s.  I have eaten at the Milwood location, but she’s didn’t eat lunch with me that day.  We walked right by the Vine location last night on our way to Martini’s, so it was fresh in her mind.

Initially, I drove down Westnedge to go to the location in the Vine Neighborhood, but it was closed, so I backtracked all the way to Centre Street  in Portage.  The Taco Bob’s there is a small building just to the east of Westnedge.  Parking is a little wierd.  There’s an entrance on the west side of the building, but there’s no parking there.  There are some spots in the back and if you go all the way around the building near the drive through, there are spots on the east side as well.

The building itself doesn’t look like much.  It really doesn’t even look like a restaurant.  It’s a bland, boxy building with a large Taco Bob’s sign out front.  Inside, there is a very small order counter and maybe a half-dozen tables.  There were two other couples dining in while I was there, but J didn’t come with me, so I was in line for a to go order.

I had a coupon for four Funny Tacos for $5.50.  I used that plus got another Funny Taco and an order of Tortilla Chips and Nacho Cheese.  The total was just a little over ten bucks and my order came up very quickly.  As the cashier was grabbing the bag from the kitchen, he asked me about hot sauce.  I told him I’d take some of the hot variety.  He threw three little plastic cups in my bag and handed it to me. 

When we got home, we found all five Funny Tacos packaged together in a styrofoam to-go box.  The chips were wrapped up in a paper pouch and the cheese came in its own styrofoam.  

I pulled one of the Funny Tacos out of the box and handed it to J.  The other four were for me.  The Funny Taco is a regular hardshell taco that is wrapped in a softshell taco.  The two shells are held together with nacho cheese.  I thought they were pretty tasty.  The taco comes with lettuce, cheese, and tomato.  I forgot they came with tomato, so I had to pull it off.  It wasn’t too hard.  The tomato is the last thing added to the taco.  J’s first impression of the taco?  “Not bad.”

Since she only got one taco, J took the whole bag of chips to herself.  I had a few on the way home, but that was about it.  She seemed to really like the chips which are really light.  They taste more like homemade chips than a restaurant style chip.  The cheese is a simple nacho cheese and there is plenty of it.

Again, another good experience at Taco Bob’s.  It’s something different than always going to Taco Bell.  The only problem is the price is a little bit higher (crunchy taco at Taco Bell..$.89…crunchy taco at Taco Bob’s….$1.49).  Still, it’s a good alternative and one we will definitely take advantage of again. 

Funny Taco

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