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The Copper Grille

February 6, 2010

  • 854 S. Kalamazoo Street
  • Paw Paw, MI 49079
  • (269) 657-9955
  • Website
  • No Online Menu
One good thing (one of many) about J’s new job in Kalamazoo, she gets off at noon, so when we head back home to Chicago for a weekend, we’re on the road at lunch time instead of midnight like it was when we lived in Lansing.
Since we’re heading southwest on I-94, we like to find places to stop for lunch along the way. That was something we never could do when we lived in Lansing unless we were going to find a truck stop.

J had to work a little later than normal, so it was a little after one by the time we loaded up the car to get on the road. We still were planning on lunch, but the stop in Benton Harbor I was planning on was scrapped. We were both hungry and needed to stop someplace much closer.

We pulled off in Paw Paw again and right near the exit was a family restaurant with a full parking lot. Seems like a lot of locals were stopping in for lunch, so why shouldn’t we.

The Copper Grille Restaurant is on Kalamazoo Street right off the Interstate. From the outside, it looks like a pretty nice family dining joint. When you walk in, one thing will become really obvious. The Copper Grille used to be a Big Boy.

Nothing has really changed. They have the weird door set up, a cash register next to a pie cooler, a salad bar, a sunroom, and nothing but booths.

A hostess took us to a booth for two right along the salad bar. Before we sat down, she asked for drink orders so we didn’t have to wait. J went with her Diet and I got my Coke.

The menu is fairly typical for these kind of places. It’s really not much different than what you would find on a Big Boy menu other than the Signature items. They actually had an Italian beef on the menu which tempted me, but in the end, the burger won out.

I ordered the Western Burger which came with cheddar cheese, bacon, and BBQ sauce. The burgers come with chips or you can upgrade to fries and coleslaw for three bucks. Yeah, three bucks. I passed. That would have made my lunch ten bucks which is way to high for a diner. I stuck with the chips which were out of the bag Ruffles-type chips, but there was a lot on the plate, so I couldn’t complain about leaving hungry. The burger was done well. I prefer more of a medium, but was never asked. It was fine though. There was a lot of BBQ sauce and that really dominated everything else on the sandwich. Between the chips and the burger, I had more than enough to eat.

J ordered off the value lunch menu. Basically, you get four of five choices in three different categories for around eight bucks. She went with the chicken strips, fries, and applesauce. There were three chicken strips on her plate and a ton of fries. She sort of picked at the chicken strips but that was mostly because she forgot to ask for Ranch dip and the waitress never came back to check on us, so she couldn’t ask for any. She did dip some in ketchup, but I ended up with one of the strips. I actually thought they were pretty good. They were light on the breading and cooked really crispy. J was a pretty big fan of the fries. They were nice and golden brown. She filled up on fries and even left a few on the plate. She was pretty exhausted though and even though she was hungry, food wasn’t a priority.

The Copper Grille is a pretty typical family restaurant. What we had isn’t going to blow you away, but it is a solid meal. Our bill before tip was a little over eighteen bucks. Again, a little more than I would have liked to paid…especially since I didn’t get fries, but it’s not horrible. The Copper Grille is the kind of family restaurant you can find in almost every community. It’s a gathering place, a social network, and solid go-to when you need it.

Western Burger w/chips

Chicken Strips w/fries

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  1. Garry permalink
    February 6, 2010 10:39 am

    I didn’t realize big boy is gone but no loss, they were expense for what you got. The Big Boy’s in Niles & Three Rivers are gone too and replaced with same type of place. The prices are cheaper in the one in Niles.

  2. November 2, 2011 7:02 pm

    Food is well thought out and the service has gotten better with every visit. The staff is attentive, and if you take the time to speak with them, like in most instances, you will find that you will be more than attended to.
    If you get a chance to try a few different things, I do recommend the wraps and of course the food bar. PLENTY of choices and with $2.50 burger night on Mondays, you will be more than full or spend the money on the fries or massive onion rings. I like the cheese sticks!!!
    The Clam Chowder is above par for a mom and pop type place and I like the choices that are consistently prepared well if you specify.
    The home made pies are TOP NOTCH and so hard to not enjoy or to pick between those and the shakes. Ask for some real strawberries in the shake, THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM offering up some changes to meet the need.
    Overall, don’t expect an experience outside of the obvious from the great AMERICAN standard of “THE LOCAL SPOT”. Prices are fair, food is more than ample and the atmosphere is what you would expect with a smile and probably a good local story. Regulars may be the backbone, and for good reason, BUT, WELL WORTH a jot off the highway to have any choice at any time.
    CHECK IT OUT! You should be pretty happy!

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