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Best. Christmas Present. Ever.

January 11, 2010
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…well, second best behind my KitchenAid stand mixer.

Anyway, I sort of have to explain Christmas in my family. Even though my brother and I are both married and my brother has one little one and another on the way, my parents treat Christmas like we’re still ten years old. I’m 30 and my brother’s not far behind yet we still have to make “Christmas Lists” every year. Our wives do too. It took J some time to get used to Christmas at my house…in fact, I still don’t think she’s used to it, but my dad hit a winner this year with what he bought her.

Since J has been getting up pretty early in the morning to go to work, she’s become a coffee drinker.  Not because she needs the caffeine but because she needs something warm.  It’s cold out there before the sun comes up.  For the first couple months, she was buying the single serve coffee packets and warming water up in the microwave.  It worked, but it was kind of pain. 

We saw the Black Friday ads for the Keurig Single Cup Coffeemaker and I mentioned to my dad that J would like it for the winter.  He ran out and bought it that Friday morning and since Christmas, we’ve used it everyday. 

I don’t like coffee at all.  Can’t stand the smell of it, but I’ve made hot cocoa almost everyday since Christmas.  I always hated making hot chocolate because I’d have to get out a pan, heat up the water/milk, then mix in the powder and try to pour it out of the pan without burning my hand.  The Keurig takes all of that away

All we have to do is press the on button and wait for the water to warm up.  It takes maybe five minutes or so.  Then we just put the k-cup into the holder and press another button.  A minute later, warm hot cocoa (or coffee or tea). 

I’ve been watching Keurig’s website because they have some White Chocolate K-Cups and J wants Chai Tea.  Everyone must have gotten a Keurig for Christmas because it’s really hard to find anything other than coffee even though there is a huge variety of tea and hot chocolate.  The really cool thing is you can even put your own coffee into a reusable K-Cup, so you can still use your one cup coffee maker with the coffee of your choice.

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  1. Garry permalink
    January 11, 2010 8:53 pm

    I am 58 year old and my Mom still celebrate Christmas this way!

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