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Main Street Pub – Vicksburg

January 10, 2010

  • 208 E. Prairie Street
  • Vicksburg, MI 49097
  • (269) 649-5903
  • Website
  • Menu

When J and I lived in Peoria, IL, we were regulars at an awesome karaoke bar in Bartonville.  This place was nuts.  It was a karaoke theater.  They have a permanent set up with lights, speakers, and a computer song book.  They did karaoke every night of the week and there were people there every night. 

Since leaving Illinois, we haven’t found any place that even compares.  J has always had a good karaoke bar and misses the Saturday nights in Peoria where a rowdy country bar sang along to every song.

When we went to lunch at the Corner Bar a few weeks ago, we noticed a flyer for “Extreme Karaoke.”  It’s on Thursday nights at that location, but I found on Saturday at another bar.  We decided to find out what “Extreme Karaoke” was and in the process, get dinner.

Main Street Pub in Vicksburg is on Prairie Street and South Kalamazoo Avenue right on the edge of downtown Vicksburg.  We parked on the street and entered in what looked like the front, but we found out later, it was most likely a “back entrance.”   The entrance we went in was very confusing and pissed J off.  You enter at a hallway.  From there, you have a choice.  Left or right.  We went right and ran right into a banquet room.  We should have went left, but we had no way of knowing.  No signs or any indication that the dining room was off to the left. 

Once we got in to the dining room.  We didn’t know what to do.  There was no hostess station.  We sort of walked through the dining room into the bar area, but didn’t see any tables, so we went back to the dining room and decided just to sit down.  We took a both along the outside wall and waited to see if anyone would see us.  If it wasn’t for the karaoke, we may have left.  Neither one of us likes the feeling of not knowing what to do when we enter a restaurant. 

The menus are already on the table in the form of a place mat.  We started looking over them while we waited.  A few minutes later, a waitress noticed us and came over for the drink order.  I stuck with Pepsi for dinner knowing I would be drinking later.  J got a Jolly Rancher which is vodka, raspberry, schnapps, sour, and 7-up.  She said it just tasted like grape. 

We needed a few more minutes to decide on dinner, but we knew we wanted to start with one of the specials as an appetizer.  We got the cheese & bacon skins to munch on while we waited.  The skins were a little to potato-y for me, but J liked them.  They did have a lot of cheese and chunks of bacon on them to the point the cheese was overflowing on to the tray.  The waitress offered ranch or sour cream with the app.  What she didn’t tell us is that it would be extra.  We got sour cream which I noticed on the bill was an extra $.30.  Not a huge deal, but not expected either.

For dinner, I passed on the burger since I’ve had a Main Street Pub burger before.  Instead, I went with the Pub’s Dip sandwich.  I went with the whole sandwich option which comes with thinly sliced lean roast beef and Monterey jack cheese on a toasted hoagie roll.  The sandwich comes split in two with a cup of Au Jus for dipping.  I was also offered horsey sauce, but I passed.  I’ve never heard of that being offered with a French Dip before.  It reminds me more of Arby’s.  Anyway, the sandwich was really good.  There was quite a bit of meat on the bread and the Au Jus was delicious.  Some places go heavy on the onions.  MSP doesn’t.  It’s got a great beef flavor.  The sandwich came with fries.  They were thin cut restaurant fries.  Pretty good and a good addition to the meal.

J eventually decided on the Jack’s Favorite Wrap.  It was like her favorite salad in a tortilla.  The jalapeno-cheddar wrap is filled with grilled chicken, chopped romaine, sun-dried cranberries, bleu cheese crumbles, and a raspberry vinaigrette.  Just like last time, she ate about half of the wrap and boxed the other half up for later.  She seemed to really like the concept.  The ingredient combination would have made a good salad for her, but putting into wrap form made it even better.  Like my sandwich, her wrap came with fries.  They were cooked the way she likes them and since she could take the wrap home, she went to town on the fries.

Our bill for this part of the night was about $26, but again, that included a six-dollar drink and an appetizer.  We paid the waitress in the dining room then moved into the bar area for karaoke which had just started.

The space really isn’t set up well for karaoke.  The KJ is kind of tucked into a corner by the door on that side of the building (which opens into a courtyard area where there are other businesses.  This looked like more of the main entrance).  There are a few tables in front of that area and they were all full.  Even the bar is partly blocked from the KJ and there really wasn’t any place for us to sit.  We took another booth on the other side of the bar.  J grabbed a song book on her way by so she could put in for a song.

Extreme Karaoke didn’t really seem that extreme.  In fact, I didn’t really see anything different.  What I liked about karaoke at this particular bar is that 95% of the singers did a country song.  J pretty much always does country songs, so she fit in pretty well.  The disappointing thing, but I guess it’s actually a good thing, was that there were a lot of singers.  It was over an hour before J got to sing.  She put in another song and we sat there for almost two more hours and she never got called back up.  We didn’t do a lot of drinking, but I did have a couple PBR’s and J had a Captain Morgan and Diet.  We paid our tab of eight bucks and expected to let J sing one more song and leave, but we sat there for another hour.  I sort of felt bad that we stopped ordering, but no one was waiting for the table.  J got a couple more water’s but no more drinks. 

We finally gave up and left. We seem to either run into the problem that we find a karaoke bar where no one wants to sing or everyone wants to sing.  J would have been happy if she could have gotten two songs in three hours, but it didn’t happen.  Still, we will most likely go back to Main Street Pub.  We know they have good food and we liked the atmosphere.  It’s just a good small town place where we really feel like we could fit in. 

Cheese & Bacon Skins

The Pub's Dip

Jack's Favorite Wrap

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  1. Dan permalink
    January 11, 2010 5:55 am

    That’s my hometown. Next time maybe S and I can tag along. Maybe some other V’burg alumn too. The Hideaway down the road is a good bar too, but I don’t think they have karaoke. It’s the neon BEER sign. Not-bad bar food.

    • SW Michigan Dining permalink*
      January 12, 2010 1:40 am

      I love places that can advertise with simple neon signs….we’ll have to take you up on that offer sometime.

  2. SW Michigan Dining permalink*
    January 11, 2010 12:02 pm

    The country music junkie in me wants to try The Longbranch Saloon too…..I don’t think that will be our last trip to Vicksburg

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