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Lo Do Company

December 16, 2009

  • 153 W. Center Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49042
  • (269) 327-6000
  • Website
  • Menu

With the hours J works, I’m never sure when we’ll actually have a meal together.  Sometimes, she’ll nap in the afternoon and I’ll have dinner ready at a normal time.  Sometimes, she gets really hungry and wants to eat earlier.  I thought today we were going to go out for lunch, but I looked over on the couch and she was passed out.  Not wanting to wake her, I had a turkey sandwich and started watching a movie. 

When she did wake up, she wanted to make a run to Gander Mountain for cold weather gear.  She laid on the couch, under blankets, with the heat cranked for a couple hours this afternoon before her legs finally warmed up after being outside all morning.  It was only a little after four, but since we were going out, I suggested dinner. 

I started heading south on Westnedge.  I told her the two choices were a bar or chicken.  She chose the bar.

The Lo Do Company is in a shopping center on Center Avenue in Portage.  It’s in the part of town where Westnedge becomes Shaver and Westnedge kind of splits off forming a triangle.  The bottom side of that triangle is Center Street. During the summer, they have a pretty large outdoor patio right in front of the entrance.  It was way too cold for that.

Immediately upon entering, you find a hostess station.  To the right is a dining room.  To the left is a bar.  The bar was fairly packed for the middle of the afternoon.  There were a couple booths being used in the dining room and one large group of pretty obnoxious teenage boys.  Fortunately, they left about ten minutes after we got there.

The dining room has a really cozy feeling to it.  There’s a row of booths along the far wall.  In  between each booth is a fabric curtain that gives you a little more privacy.  The tables have a stainless steel inset which is an interesting contrast to the exposed, worn brick on the walls. 

Lo Do Company scared me a little on the menu.  They have pretty standard pub fare, but on their website, they don’t list prices.  That’s usually not a good thing, but I figured, how much could a burger be?  Turns out, the prices were pretty reasonable and right in line with most upscale pubs.

The special today was $.35 wings, but the flavors were pretty basic so I passed.  The menu flat-out called the Buffalo wing flavor Frank’s Red Hot.  I can do that at home, so I went with the Gourmet Burger with bleu cheese crumbles and bacon.  You get the choice of side with the sandwiches and I chose pub fries.   The sandwich comes served on a rather large plate with chopped parsley for decoration.  The fries come in a little serving dish of their own on top of the plate.  All the condiments come on the side…including the mayo!  There was a large cup of ketchup for dipping fries, but there were also two smaller cups of mustard and mayo meant for the sandwich.  Oh, why don’t more places think of things like this?

The burger was really good.  The bun had a toasted bottom, but the top was still soft.  The burger was still juicy and just a little bit pink in the middle.  The bleu cheese was delicious and the bacon was nice and crispy.  Overall, it was a damn tasty burger.  At first, I thought the sandwich looked a little small, but it turned out to be somehow deceiving.  The fries were small potato wedges.  Not sure if they used red potatoes for this or what, but they were also delicious.  They had a breading that made them golden brown when they came out of the deep fryer.

J was ready to go with her typical Buffalo chicken wrap when I persuaded her to look at the sandwich section of the menu.  There, she found the Atlanta Chicken Sandwich.  She was going to get soup with her sandwich, but the two choices didn’t really appeal to her, so she got fries as well.  She asked for the sandwich blackened, but it actually came out more bronzed than blackened.  She was a big fan of the bun which was the same as mine.  A toasted home-made roll.  Again, the condiments all came on the side, so she didn’t have to worry about mayo on a sandwich that would typically come with it. 

Our bill was just a little over $21.  Like I mentioned earlier, I was somewhat hesitant to go to Lo Do Company tonight because I wasn’t sure on pricing, but it turned out to be alright.  We both loved the atmosphere after the group of teen boys left.  It was just a nice, cozy place to enjoy some pretty good pub grub. 

Gourmet Burger w/Bleu Cheese, Bacon, and Pub Fries

Atlanta Chicken Sandwich w/Pub Fries

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