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Circle K – Meredith Street

December 1, 2009

  • 5324 Meredith Street
  • Portage, MI 49024
  • (269) 323-7674
  • Website

J and I finally got to do something today that we’ve both wanted to do for a couple years now.  We got our first Christmas tree.  The last couple years, we’ve not been home a lot around the holiday’s, so we decided a live tree might get neglected.  A fake tree really isn’t an option because we don’t have any place to store.  This year, our first Christmas since getting married, we decided it was finally time to start that tradition.

When J got home from work, we headed out to Badger County Christmas Tree at the corner of Sprinkle and Romence in Portage.  We picked out our tree and headed back home to decorate it. 

On the way, we passed a Circle K.  I can’t pass up a Circle K so we stopped in for my favorite drink in the whole world…a Polar Pop.

This Circle K is on Meredith Street in Portage, but it accessible from Sprinkle Road.  It sits kind of in between the two roads which converge into a triangle intersection.  Like the store on Milham, this Circle K is just a convenience store, which, again, is something I hadn’t seen before moving here.  Usually they are gas stations. 

The Circle K was a popular place today.  Every parking spot in their lot was full.  We waited for a couple cars to pull out before we could park. 

This store is a little surprising.  It’s clean.  Not only that, but they have the good Polar Pop machine.  By good Polar Pop machine I mean they have a large selection of both Coke and Pepsi products and they have a choice of cubed or crushed ice.  I love the Circle K’s that have crushed ice. 

I’m an ice muncher.  After I finish the pop, I get ever last drop of Pepsi out of my glass by eating the ice.  It’s wierd, I know, and probably not good for my teeth, but it’s a habit. 

We both only got Polar Pops, but we noticed they had quite a bit to eat if you were looking for lunch in a hurry.  The interesting thing we noticed wa the cheeseburger hot dog on the hot dog rollers.  I can’t make up my mind if it looked gross or yummy.  It looks like they pressed a hamburger into a hot dog shape. 

There was also a case of lunch meat sandwiches.  They looked much better than the kind you usually get in triangle shape from a plastic container.  I’ve been known to eat those from time to time, but if I had a choice, I’d go with what the Circle K has to offer.

I know it sounds like I’m writing an advertisement for the place,but Circle K has a nostalgic place in my heart.  It reminds me of Peoria, IL where I worked for five years and where J and I met.  We used to make Polar Pop runs and we’d buy each other off with them.  It’s stupid, I know, but it’s just something from my past that gives me the warm fuzzies.

A Pepsi Polar Pop with crushed ice

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  1. Russ permalink
    August 28, 2013 2:09 pm

    Where is the nearest circle k from Gaylord mi

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