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Lindt Chocolate Shop – Aurora, IL

November 28, 2009

  • 1650 Premium Outlet Blvd. #521
  • Aurora, IL 60505
  • (630) 236-0966
  • Website

Ah, Christmas.  The time of year that brings out the worst in people.  I know we all think it, so I just decided to put it in writing.  Jingle bells aren’t the sound of the season.  Car horns are.   At least the beginning of the season is that way.

J and I braved the crowds and headed to the Premium Outlets in Aurora, IL.  The thing is, we didn’t go early.  It was closer to 5:00 PM by the time we made our way to the northwest suburbs.  We were hoping to avoid some of the crowds.  I’m glad we didn’t go at midnight last night…the crowds were nuts.

Well, not so much the crowds, but the traffic.  Chicago drivers are just jerks.  It’s a complete “me, me, me” attitude when it comes to driving.  If everyone would just show some patience, we’d all get where we’re going a lot faster.  Instead, we create bottlenecks by trying to squeeze five wide on to an on ramp because no one wants to wait their turn.  I just go past my ramp, do a U-Turn and hit the on-ramp from the other direction where there’s no traffic at all. 

Shopping wise, we actually did pretty well and the Premium Outlets had some pretty good sales, but it was the chocolate that got us the most excited. 

Lindt Chocolate Shop is inside the Premium Outlets in suburban Aurora.  The famous Swiss chocolatier is widely available in your local mega mart, but they do have a few stores of their own.  Last Thanksgiving weekend, J and I found the store at Water Tower Place in downtown Chicago.  We stocked up on truffles then and thought about doing the same today.

The store is pretty small and filled with chocolate.  Their most recognizable pieces are the truffles and they have a couple displays in the stores with a number of different flavors. 

We headed to the back where the truffles line the walls.  The chocolate was $0.50 a piece, so we grabbed a back and started filling.  We stopped at 10 which would be an even $5.00.  We grabbed four peanut butter, four white chocolate, and a couple milk chocolate.  They had a pretty good deal of 100 truffles for $25.00, but we would probably eat them before getting back to Kalamazoo, so we passed. 

I love Lindt truffles.  The bad thing is there isn’t a Lindt store within 100 miles of Kalamazoo or in Michigan at all, but the good news is, you can get the same truffles at Meijer, Target, and most major retailers.  They’re a once in a while treat that always make me think of the holiday’s.

Peanut Butter Truffle

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