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Subway – Westnedge & Gladys, Portage

November 10, 2009

  • 6425 S. Westnedge Avenue
  • Portage, MI 49002
  • (269) 329-2993
  • Website
  • Menu

Oh, happy day at SW Michigan Dining World Headquarters. We finally got a new computer!  We kept saying, we’d get a new couch and a new computer after the wedding.  A monkey wrench was thrown into those plans when J was transferred to Kalamazoo.  Now, we had unexpected moving expenses.  We got the couch, but I was still holding out on the computer.

This past weekend, our old laptop finally kicked the bucket.  We had problems with it turning off on it’s own and it picked a bad time to do so.  I was right in the middle of connecting to a new network and McAfee was processing the info.  It corrupted the disk and now I can’t get it to start.  I don’t have a recovery disk anymore, so until I can borrow one to pull a couple files, that computer is completely dead.

I had been pricing computers on,, etc., and wasn’t happy with the prices.  Yesterday, we were at Walmart and found a Dell for $600 that I priced for almost $900.  I almost picked it up, but ended up waiting.  We went home and J scoured the Sunday ads and found an HP at Best Buy for $430.  It had what I wanted, so we put the order in and picked it up today.

After taking care of that, we figured we’d just stop for lunch since we were already out.  We really wanted to get home and break open the box with our computer, so fast food it was.  I had been eating junk all weekend, so when J noticed a Subway, I was more than happy to oblige. 

There are many Subways in Portage, but the first one we saw was on the corner of Westnedge and Gladys.  It’s an older building with the older yellow awning out front.  Unlike most Subway restaurants, this is a stand-alone store.  It doesn’t share space and it’s not part of a strip mall. 

We were pulling in at lunch time and in the past, at different Subway’s, that’s always been a bad move.  Even though this is a stand-alone building, it’s not very big.  When you walk in, there’s only a few feet between the order counter and the wall.  There’s enough room for two two-tops shoved in the corner.  There are a few more tables on the other side of the counter, but there’s still not many.

There were only a few people in front of us in line, but again, many times that can take much longer than it should.  Not at this location.  They had a system going and it actually worked.  Three competent people behind the counter make all the difference.

J ordered first and she went with her usual.  A six-inch veggie delight on wheat.  She went with double pepperjack cheese, lettuce, peppers, and banana peppers with a little bit of the Chipotle dressing.  She added on a bag of baked chips and an iced tea to her order.

I got the Spicy Italian on Italian herbs and cheese.  I also got pepperjack cheese and the meats are Genoa salami and pepperoni.  I added on both jalapenos and banana peppers then topped it off with oil and vinegar.  I did not make my sandwich a meal.  Since we were going home, I’d rather drink my own Pepsi than a Coke. 

We were not in the store all that long and that’s unusual for us with Subway.  We always seem to have bad luck.  As soon as we got out of the store, that was the first thing J said to me. 

When we got home, we sat down and ate our lunch before digging into the computer.  For a long time, I loathed Subway, but as I opened up to more veggies, I’ve started to really enjoy the place and actually prefer it over most of its competition.  Really, at this point, you can put jalapenos on almost anything and I’m going to like it. 

Like I say with all chains, you know what to expect and as long as you meal meets those expectations, it’s a good day.  Food wise, this Subway location met those expectations.  Service wise, they exceeded.   

Veggie Delight on Wheat

Spicy Italian on Italian Herbs & Cheese

Subway on Urbanspoon

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