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Starbucks – Portage

October 12, 2009

  • 525 Romence Road
  • Portage, MI 49025
  • (269) 329-3202
  • Website
  • Menu

Lucky you.  I haven’t even been here a week and you already get my Starbucks rant. 

J and I were exploring our new home and concluded the trip with a run to D & W Fresh Market in Portage.  J was a little tired and could really use a pick-me-up.  As we pulled in to the parking lot, we noticed a sign for Starbucks.  For our wedding, J’s mom bought all the girls in the wedding a Starbucks gift card.  Most them flew in and there happened to be a Starbucks in our hotel.  Since she still had some money left on the card, she decided to get a drink for the shopping trip.

The Starbucks in Portage is located inside the D & W Fresh Market on Romence Road.  It’s just a little kiosk type store to the right of the cash registers. 

I hate Starbucks.  It almost pains me just to go in.  It’s the poster child for excessive spending.  I worked with a lady in Peoria that had to make a Starbucks stop every morning.  I could never figure it out.  Even their cup sizes irk me.  Is there really something wrong with small, medium, large?  Do they have to use fancy names that give you no indication of their actual size?

Anyway, J ordered a Chai Iced Tea Latte with skim milk.   I was standing back from the counter, but I’m pretty sure they guy working was being a smart ass with her.  She ordered the drink and he just kind of stood there and acted like he didn’t want to make it.  He finally smiled like he thought he was being funny and got up to make the drink.

I have no idea what it cost because I really don’t care.  I don’t like to know these things.  She paid with her gift card and she told me she still has enough to buy maybe two more drinks.

I will admit up front, during the winter, if J stops for a coffee, I will order a hot chocolate, but I’ll never go in on my own.  I’m just as happy with a hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts or a gas station.  It’s one of those “when in Rome…” things.  It’s easier than making two stops.

So, that’s my Starbucks rant.  I hate the company, but J likes it every now and then as a little treat.  I’m thankful she’s not the type of person that has to have Starbucks every morning.  Once in a while is fine….I just don’t want to feed the beast. 

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