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Mezzo Coffee House

January 31, 2023

  • 100 W. Allegan Street
  • Otsego, MI 49078
  • (269) 694-1545
  • Website
  • Menu

I’m not much of a coffee guy. I get my morning caffeine by drinking way more Pepsi than anyone should. There are no “Pepsi Houses” like there are coffee houses though…so that’s kind of disappointing.

I do like coffee houses for the quick grab and go type meals many of them have. And when it’s cold, a hot chocolate is always a delicious option.

A colleague and I were in Otsego late last week for a job assignment. We got done right around 11:00 and were set to head back to Kalamazoo. I had been outside for about twenty minutes and everything was cold. I asked if it’d be alright if I stopped at a nearby coffee house to grab a bite real quick and a hot chocolate to warm me up.

Mezzo Coffee House is in downtown Allegan right on the corner of Allegan Street (M-89) and Farmer Street. The building has been on this corner for over a hundred years and has seen many business comes and go. Before it was a coffee house, it was a natural health store. It has been Mezzo for almost a decade now.

The small shop is set up like any other coffee house. There is an order counter and display case with the baked goods right as you walk in the door. There are some savory options in there as well but most of it are small snackable sweets.

There’s also a pretty wide open dining area that takes up the rest of the space. There aren’t a lot of tables. There was a pretty big group that was just kind of standing around, drinking their coffee and chit-chatting. There is some space though if you’re one of those people that like to write their screenplay in public.

I put in an order for a Hot Chocolate, two of the brownie cookie bites and a ham and mozzarella pocket. The cost was right around $15.

It took a little over five minutes for my hot chocolate to be made and for the ham and mozzarella pocket to be heated up.

The barista put the hot chocolate on the counter first and called my while he was boxing everything else up. I grabbed the hot chocolate and took a cautious sip. It was hot but not burn your mouth hot. It was actually very drinkable this way. It was a super rich, chocolatey hot chocolate and I had most of it gone before I got back to the car.

I got two of the brownie cookie dough bites and shared with my co-worker who was still sitting in the car. These things were delicious. They were a brownie with chocolate chip cookie dough on top. They really are just a “bite.” I stretched it to two but that was me not being my typical piggish eater. The sweet treat was delicious. It was super rich and sweet so a bite or two was just perfect.

The last thing I got was one of the savory options. This Ham and Mozzarella Pocket was kind of like a home made hot pocket. There was slices or ham and mozzarella cheese in a pastry with cheese on top. I had it warmed up so it was a little more melty and gooey but I guess you could eat one of these cold and it would be just as delicious. It not a big lunch item but it is a tasty one that is more than enough to satisfy most people alongside a cup of coffee.

As someone who doesn’t like coffee, it’s always hard for me to walk in to a coffee shop. Most shops do a little more than just coffee and the pastry and desserts are usually worth the time and effort it takes to stop in. Mezzo Coffee House is a cute little shop in downtown Otsego that gives you a little more than coffee and does it well.

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