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Pizza Perfect (Sprinkle Road)

January 11, 2023

    3530 S. Sprinkle Road

  • Kalamazoo, MI 49001
  • (269) 383-4431
  • Website
  • Menu

The two week winter break the kids get from school is brutal. Don’t get me wrong, when I was their age, I would have done just about anything to get that long of a break. We literally had Christmas Eve until Jan. 2. Didn’t matter where it fell on the calendar.

Besides the boredom, child care was a bit of a challenge the second week. I used vacation the week between Christmas and New Year’s but we both had to work some of the days the second week.

I ended up working on New Year’s Day so I could get Wednesday off. That was J’s first day back in the office that week so I worked out a way to stay home. J was able to work from home Thursday and Friday but really needed to be there Wednesday.

She also took advantage of me being home by hitting the bar after work for a drink with a couple of co-workers. That meant I had to take L to skating practice.

That’s not really a big deal. I like watching her skate and don’t get a chance to see her practice often. That night, club ice happened to be at Wings Event Center. That’s a further drive for us and since I wanted to stay, I grabbed B’s iPad so he’d have something to do.

J showed up at the rink for the last hour because she was volunteering. I could go home at any time after that but I stayed for a while and watched her work on a couple of new dances.

B and I eventually did leave because I was getting hungry. We always pass a pizza place on the way to WEC so I put in an order to pick up on our way home

Pizza Perfect is inside the Ridderman Oil BP on Sprinkle Road just south of the second roundabout if you’re heading south on Sprinkle. This is the second Pizza Perfect location. The other one is also in a Ridderman Oil BP on D Avenue just to the east of the US-131 Interchange.

I looked the restaurant up while we were sitting at Wings Event Center assuming I was going to have to call in an order, but hot damn, they had online ordering. I put in the order for two medium pizzas and paid online. The confirmation e-mail told me it would take about a half hour so we hung out at ice skating practice for a little while longer.

The Pizza Perfect pick up counter is just passed the cash register. There’s a small kitchen there with a couple of pizza ovens. They also have pizza by the slice available. The man making the pizzas was taking a call in order when I got there so the person working the cash register hopped behind the pizza counter and grabbed my two pizzas.

The time I ordered from the D Avenue location, they didn’t have online ordering so I just ordered a large pizza without asking any questions. When I ordered online, I noticed a thin crust option so I did that for both of the pizzas I ordered.

I ordered a pretty simple medium thin crust pepperoni for everyone but me. I figured I was going to eat a whole medium by myself I got something I wanted and got something everyone else would eat.

The pizza is a pretty thin, floppy crust topped with a thick layer of a slightly spicy sauce. The cheese was really golden brown and clung to the edge of the pizza. Pretty much everyone gave me the “where did you get this” when they took a bite. It was surprisingly good for gas station pizza…a gas station we drive by all the time and have never stopped in to.

For myself, I ordered a thin crust 4 Meat Perfection. This pizza is topped with extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, ham, and bacon. The pizza had that same delicious sauce by the spiciness was kicked up a bit with the meat. The saltiness from the bacon and ham always amplifies the spicy from the pepperoni and sausage. The floppiness of the crust makes it a little bit more difficult to eat…it’s not a one-hander….but the thinness of the crust makes what’s on top more of the star. As expected, I ate the whole pizza before J and L even got home from the rink.

The two medium pizzas cost a little over $30.

A couple of month ago, I picked up a pizza from the Circle K just down the road after a night at Wings Event Center and was kind of blown away by how bland it was..but it was cheap and easy. I was about to do the same thing on this night until we passed the BP on our way to Wings Event Center. Definitely made a good choice looking this place up. The pizza was much better than I expected and much better than I remembered from my first trip to the D Avenue location. It’s the difference between a thin crust and a regular crust for me. I like less crust in most cases preferring for the toppings to be the focal point.

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