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Mike’s Pizza & Subs

May 28, 2021

  • 112 W. Chicago Road
  • Sturgis, MI 49091
  • (269) 651-5523
  • Website
  • Menu

Summer is coming.

We got lucky a few years ago when J’s parents decided to move closer to us. We spend a lot of our summer weekends there now. They live on a large lake and the kids love to swim.

Last weekend was the first nice, hot weekend of the year. The kids asked Nana and Grandpa if they could come swimming. We played our soccer games Saturday morning then made our way to rural Centreville to hang out for the weekend.

No one was really thinking about dinner when Grandpa got a phone call. His boat guy was going to drop the pontoon in and we needed to meet him at the boat ramp. He and I drove around the lake to wait.

I was starting to get hungry as we were sitting there but I knew everyone else was going to be more excited about the boat than dinner. I texted J and asked if pizza was ok. We haven’t done our normal Friday Night Pizza since L has been playing softball on Friday nights so I figured the kids would be ok with it.

I would normally order from The Local in Centreville. They have the best pizza in the area by far. They also get really busy and there are places in Sturgis I’ve been wanting to try just because I like trying different places.

The place I found in Sturgis was Mike’s Pizza & Subs. This is apparently *the* pizza place in Sturgis and they’ve been around long enough that I had no doubts about that.

Mike’s Pizza & Subs is in downtown Sturgis on W. Chicago Road (also M-12) just west of Nottawa Street (also M-66). I called in an order while I was sitting at the boat ramp for two pizzas and a side salad. I timed it pretty well too. I pulled up to an empty downtown about 25 minutes after the call and the pizzas were just coming out of the oven.

I was expecting a restaurant that was strictly carryout but they actually have a pretty large dine-in area as well. There were a couple of tables being used at the time but there were also stacks of boxes on top of the pizza ovens signifying carry out is the heart of their business.

The main order counter is near the back of the space and it’s surrounded by a fun white and red striped awning. Not sure what the theme is supposed to be but it’s quite eye catching. I walked up to the cash register and was told my pizzas were being boxed up. The lady working the front cashed me out and by then, everything was ready to go.

I didn’t get overboard ordering because I wasn’t sure how hungry everyone was. I ordered a large pepperoni pizza and a medium cheese figuring that would be more than enough. When I got back to the house, I announced “Pizza!” and no one came running right away so my suspicion I was the only one hungry was right on.

The pizza is pretty traditional take out. It’s not quite a thick crust you get from most chains but it’s not a super thin either. Each pizza was loaded with mozzarella that had a nice golden brown crust on top. I started in on the pepperoni and grabbed three slices. All three were gone pretty quickly. This is such a simple pizza but it’s actually really tasty. The crust is a little bit denser than expected and that gave the pizza a lot of flavor.

The cheese pizza is the same thing as the pepperoni (duh). The kids did finally acknowledge they were hungry and came begging for something to eat. Luckily, I had something waiting for them. B kept saying the pizza was “really, really good.” He can’t tell me why he think that but he did really like it. L agreed. She said it was “good pizza.”

J wanted a salad so I got half of a Chef Salad. The simple salad came with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, ham, and carrots. We hid the ham from L so she would eat it too. I just asked for Ranch dressing since I know that’s what L likes and J probably had something fancier in her mom’s fridge if she wanted something else.

Our bill for dinner was around $25 before tip.

Mike’s Pizza & Subs was pretty tasty. Everyone really seemed to like it even though there was no one thing anyone could point to as to why. It’s pretty solid carry-out pizza. It’s not fancy but they’ve been doing what they do for a while and they do well…which is what keeps people coming back.

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  1. Alan Yoder permalink
    May 30, 2021 6:35 pm

    I used to go to Mike’s Pizza. However they refused me service the last time I went to pick up a carry out order because I was wearing a Michigan State cap. Haven’t been back and never will. I go to Mancinos now and have never been sorry for the switch.

  2. Courtney McClain permalink
    September 12, 2021 3:59 pm

    Thank you for this amazing review! Would you mind if I share?

    Owner of Mike’s pizza

    • SW Michigan Dining permalink*
      September 13, 2021 9:47 pm

      Of course!

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