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Supino Pizzeria

March 9, 2020

  • 2457 Russell Street
  • Detroit, MI 48207
  • (313) 567-7879
  • Website
  • Menu

I pretty much jump at the chance to travel any time I can at work.  I like the change of scenery….oh, and also getting to find places to eat that I normally wouldn’t get a chance to find.

I was sent to Detroit early last week for an assignment with a co-worker out of Grand Rapids.  I met her in Lansing so we could drive together and asked her to be a little early so we could find something to eat before our assignment began.

A different co-worker from the Detroit area sent me a message earlier in the day.  He knew we were going close to one of his favorite pizza places and suggested we stop there for lunch.

We took his recommendation and stopped at Supino Pizzeria in Detroit’s Eastern Market.  The restaurant is right on the corner of Russell Street and Fisher Service Drive.  The restaurant started out in one store front along Russell Street in 2008 and expanded to a full dining room and bar in 2014.

Amazingly, we found an angled parking spot right in front of the restaurant.

The entrance door comes in to the original part of the restaurant where you can order a to-go pizza or pick up one if you’ve already done so.  We were dining in, so we found a hostess who showed us to a table in the newer dining room next door.

The dining room isn’t huge but they make good use of the space.  Most of the tables are along one of the outside brick walls and share a church pew on one side for seating. This is a cool idea a lot of hip restaurant are doing but it’s not always the most comfortable.   I took that seat and let my co-worker have the more comfortable chair on the other side of the table.

There’s a nice big bar with a full bar including local craft beers and wines.  The bar was pretty empty when we walked in but filled up pretty quickly as people in the area started getting off work.

The pizza menu is not typical pizzeria.  They do a very thin crust NY style pizza with a variety of unique toppings.  They also have a few salads and pasta options if pizza isn’t what you’re craving.

We ended up ordering an 18″ City Wing Thing.  This pizza is City Wings Smoked chicken, smoked gouda, mozzarella, banana peppers, and roasted garlic.

I was all about folding this thing over in the middle and eating like a good NY pie.  The crust has a little bit of snap to it but is still nice and chewy.  The smoked chicken and smoked gouda really gave it a smokey flavor on top of the super fresh backdrop of the red sauce.  The roasted garlic was whole cloves spread throughout the pizza.  I was expecting chopped garlic but that was not the case.  The banana peppers added a little bit of heat that you expect with “wings” and a little bit of sweetness to counter the smokiness.

My colleague also got a salad and we each got Cokes.  That brought the bill to about $30 before tip.

My colleagues in Grand Rapids figured I’d hate this place because I’m a Chicago guy….but in reality, I love thin crust pizza….and Supino’s Pizzeria is fantastic thin crust pizza.

There are a lot of options for dining near the Eastern Market and I didn’t really know where to go.  I’m glad I got this recommendation and I’ll be doing the same for other people when I know they’re heading this way.




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