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Cosmic Candy Company (Kentwood)

January 6, 2020

  • 3195 28th Street SE
  • Kentwood, MI 49512
  • (616) 888-5085
  • Website

What to do while we’re waiting for a table at The Cheesecake Factory?  Walk around the mall….duh.

We took a trip to Grand Rapids to get a new pair of ice skates for L.  I got her first pair of figure skates.  We’ve been using the rentals at Wings Westand she’s progressed enough I told her I’d buy her a used pair.  Kalamazoo doesn’t have a Play It Again Sports so we took a trip north.

I suggested eating at The Cheesecake Factory because I’ve never eaten at a Cheesecake Factory.  There was about an hour wait and we decided to wait.  The kids weren’t going to sit and wait though so we took a walk out in the mall.

Cosmic Candy Company is inside the Woodland Mall on the corner of 28th Street and East Beltline right on the edge of Kentwood.  The easiest way to get to the store is through The North Face entrance on the southeast side of the mall.

The store is a classic candy store with roots up north.  The store is laid out with shelves upon shelves of classic and modern mass produced candies on one side and display shelves in the middle of some of their premier items.

One of those middle displays is Pentwater Popcorn.  Cosmic Candy is the home Pentwater Popcorn.  The gourmet pop comes in several unique varieties.  They had a “Chicago Style” right up front but there’s only one place we get our Chicago popcorn from…so we actually passed on the popcorn this time.

The area near the cash register are where the bulk candy is located.  J grabbed a bag and started loading up on some of her favorites.  She got a pretty good mix that she could share with the kids.  I’m more of a chocolate person so there wasn’t very much to share with me.

There’s a case of home made chocolates right next to the bulk area.  I was planning on dessert at lunch though so I again passed….although a lot of it did look really good.

We let each kid pick out something from the pre-packaged stuff.  They both got some kind of suckers.  We also let them do some bulk candy.  L put her stuff in with J but B wanted jelly beans so I helped him load up a bag.

We took our candy and found a table right out front near the Dairy Queen kiosk to sit and eat.  The kids tore through the candy pretty quickly and we still had a wait so we had to go find something to do after that.

Cosmic Candy Company was a good way for us to kill some time and sugar the kids up a little bit.  They have a good selection that includes retro favorites and some of today’s best candies.  The Pentwater Popcorn is probably the thing that sets them apart though.  I should have grabbed a bag of something but I didn’t.  Next time though……


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