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Confections With Convictions

October 1, 2015

  • 116 W. Crosstown Parkway #101
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49001
  • (269) 381-9700
  • Website
  • Menu

Part two of my chocolate anniversary gift for my wife was at a place I had been wanting to stop in to for quite some time.  I’m not really sure why I never have, but the fact is, I didn’t….and now I have.

Confections With Convictions is a small chocolate shop that specializes in truffles and caramels.  All of their truffles are made from fair trade and organic chocolate.  That would be part of the “convictions” part of their name.

It’s located on Crosstown Parkway between Stockbridge and Burdick.  The shop shares a building with The Victoria Bakery.  When you enter the main door you have the option to choose another door on either side of the small entryway.  I chose the right door to lead me in to the retail space of Confections With Convictions which isn’t a whole lot more than a large display case filled with hand-made truffles.

I was greeted by a woman who introduced herself as Dale’s mother.  She proceeded to explain the process of how they’re made and what’s in each case.  As she was starting to offer me a free sample, her son, who introduced himself as Dale, came out and took over.  He then went in to more details about the truffles and offered me a sample.  There were so many it was impossible to choose, but I finally chose one from the front of the case, and even though I can’t remember the name of it now, it was insanely delicious.  So sweet and so gooey in the center with that perfect hard outer shell.  I contemplated just buying the whole store and saying Happy Anniversary to myself. 

I couldn’t actually do that, so instead I picked a box of five to bring home to J.  Again, these were for her, not me, so the one I got at the store was the only one I actually tasted this time.

And seriously, do you know how hard it was to keep my hands off these?  85% Ecuadorean Dark Chocolate with Cranberry, Ancho, Aleppo, and Chipotle Peppers, 65% Ecuadorean Dark Chocolate Kalamazoo Stout, 32% Peruvian Milk Chocolate with Bailey’s Irish Cream, 32% Peruvian Milk Chocolate with Chai Tea, and a Peruvian White Chocolate Truffle with dried strawberries and coconut.  If that doesn’t sound mouth-watering to you, I’m sorry……

The cost for five truffles was a little under $10.  I don’t know if you can call Confections with Convictions a hidden gem or not.  It’s definitely a gem in the Kalamazoo culinary scene, but how hidden is it?  I’m sure, like me, you’ve driven past this small chocolatier many times.  Well seriously, stop driving by and treat your self.  You can thank me later.

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