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Spanky’s Pizza – Ludington

May 24, 2015

  • 5784 US-10
  • Ludington, MI 49431
  • (231) 843-7499
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I hate trips to Ludington.  Not because I don’t Ludington.  It’s actually a really nice town with a great waterfront.  It’s just so darn far away…..even from Grand Rapids where I’m stationed for work.

Early last week a co-worker and I got sent to Ludington for an assignment.  The actual assignment didn’t take long at all.  The drive there and back seemed to take forever.

Before leaving town, we wanted to grab something to eat.  We didn’t have time to sit down and we didn’t really want fast food either.  On our way in to town, we drove past a pizza place.  I suggested we just head there and see if they have sandwiches….or, just get a pizza.

Spanky’s Pizza is on US-10 just to the east of Ludington proper.  It’s still in a highly commercialized area between US-31 and the City of Ludington.

We really didn’t think we were going to order a pizza when we walked in to the small restaurant.  There’s an order counter right as you enter and a small dining room just past the waiting area.  We both grabbed a menu off the counter and started looking it over.  They do actually have subs, but as we were looking at the menu, the lady behind the counter filled us in on the specials.  One of which was a buy one, get one for a dollar deal on pizzas.  Money really isn’t an issue when we’re burning company dollars, but the pizza did look good, so we both decided to do that.  

C.W. and I both got pretty similar pizzas.  We both ordered a large with pepperoni.  He also got bacon on his while I got ground beef.  They also talked us in to getting an order of bread sticks because that is what they are famous for.  The total for the two pizzas, bread sticks, and two pops (which came free with the breadsticks) was somewhere around $25.

We still had to kill fifteen minutes for our food to be made, so we hit up the Wesco across the street to fill up my tank and grab a couple of Pepsi’s (Spanky’s has Coke).  When it was done, C.W. went back inside to pick it up then we headed back to G.R.

It’s not easy to eat pizza in the car, so we both sort of just pushed that to the side.  We didn’t really have any problem eating the bread sticks though, so we both had a couple.

The bread sticks are their claim to fame and they are definitely different than any bread stick I’ve ever had.  The long, twisted pieces of bread are covered in Parmesan and garlic.  There was a marinara dipping sauce included with the box, but the bread sticks were too good on their own.  We decided to save a couple and share these with our co-workers back at the office since we knew they were all going to be mad over not getting pizza.

Once we got back to Grand Rapids, I found a desk and dug in to the pizza.  It was nothing that really stood out, but it did have a pretty sweet sauce and lots of salty, crispy pepperoni.  All told, it was delicious just not anything that would truly set it apart from most pizzerias.

C.W. and I both ended up getting a couple of meals from our pizzas instead of sharing with the office.  The pizza was delicious and very filling, but like they brag about, it’s really the bread sticks that make Spanky’s something truly unique.

Spanky’s Famous Breadstix

Large Pepperoni and Ground Beef Pizza

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  1. Judy Koegler permalink
    July 4, 2016 6:32 pm

    7/4/16 6:45 order nacho supreme,they said it would be 1/2 hr.wait.pick-up 7:15pm!!😞😞😞😭nachos were over baked skimpy on cheese and meat!!! To top that off you would think it would be hot!!😠😠yuck,never again eat there!!

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